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FWP 12 AI1 Drone (“Mule”)

Field Weapon Platform 12 is an infantry support drone that carries heavy weapons, additional equipment and a battery charging system, as well as an oxygen compressor, and any other ammunition that a mobile infantry squad may need in a long raid. It can also carry heavy tactical shields. Mule is an essential asset of the squad.

Unlike earlier models, this three hundred kilogram armored assistant has four legs instead of tracks, which increases its maneuverability and controllability. This robot has a relatively low level of Artificial Intelligence. A regular specialist can operate the drone or its weapon manually. Mule can also carry a Viper reconnaissance drone.

Soldiers can easily use this machine not only as a weapons platform but also as mobile cover.FWP 12 is fully adapted for transportation by “Flounder” armored carriers, in which case it can act as a second, remotely controlled turret.

Armament options:

  1. Javelin Mk3 ATGM (4 shots). Multi-purpose missiles for taking down heavily armored targets in the air and on the ground. The main anti-tank weapon.
  2. Browning MV75 Heavy Beamer. Rapid-file laser on a turret with impressive elevation angles. This weapon is capable of devastating heavy infantry or lightly armored vehicles at distances up to 500m.
  3. 83mm Mortar. A heavy indirect fire weapon that can be loaded with several types of shells: fragmentation, high-explosive, phosphorous-inflammatory and armor-piercing. Shells are equipped with a controlled detonation system and provide a wide range of opportunities for artillery shelling of enemy targets.
  4. Heavy Tactical Shield. A police and riot control option that includes two shields installed on hydrawlic mounts.
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About us

By gamers, for gamers

We are wargame players, just like you. We are driven by desire to create a game where gameplay and rules are parts of the universe and tell the same story as the game’s background. Creating a new system by gamers, for gamers, we’ve carefully analyzed the existing ones and developed rules, drawing on experience of the best to present you a new, definitive system. Easy to learn, fast-paced and cinematic, with a possibility for each player to influence the game’s world and write their names in its history.  Our work continues. We’ll keep on creating and listening carefully to player feedback.


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“Play VERGE!  This is a wargame that’s fun to both play and watch. And, of course, it is much fun to create!”

VERGE recreates action-packed clashes of high-tech armies on the battlefields of the far future. Their scale ranges from covert ops and skirmishes of patrol units to full-fledged planetary assaults, supported by fleet groups.

The game system allows simulation of combat in various types of terrain and conditions and provide tools for you to create an army that fits your tactical doctrine

The rules are easy to learn so that you could start playing in several minutes. But beneath the surface there are lots of things to master, including subtle combinations and nuances that will allow you to discover new stratagems and tactical approaches while making your army even stronger.

Special model upgrade kits will provide infinite variants of customizing your collection of miniatures, adding new level of depth to your conversions and making every character stand out. Battles of VERGE are usually fought on a 48×72 inches table. You’ll also need six-sided dice and a tape measure in inches.


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Humanity is a relatively young civilization among the stellar nations. But ambitious and audacious as hell. Born in the little-studied sector of the Universe, mankind presented itself to the galactic community as a strong and self-sufficient nation with a powerful military force and balanced economy capable of affording a mighty stellar fleet.

Despite its name the human state is more a confederation than an empire. Colossal distances and lack of decent communication means make it impossible to maintain a strongly centralized power system. Formally, at the head of the state stands the Emperor who chooses his heir among the candidates proposed by the noble houses. The House of Lords then votes to approve the heir as the Crown Prince and Grand Duke of Mars. From this moment the prince loses all ties with the family. Refuses all other titles, standings and heritage. Since that moment the Empire is his life. Of course, this political system breeds rivalry between the noble dukes and the houses of the Empire.

Second to the Emperor are the Cabinet of Ministers and the House of Lords.

The House of Lords is the upper chamber of the parliament, which includes representatives from all planets of the Empire. The number of representatives depends on the population of the planet. Each star system has its own House of Representatives which deals with local affairs.

A separate stratum of the population is the nobility. Since maintaining and developing the army at space distances is a task of utmost difficulty, the Empire had to actually restore feudalism. Besides the standard institutions of society there are noblemen. This is a caste of professional warriors that are the first to answer the call, the first to blaze a trail. As the knight’s vow goes: “We are the shield of mankind that will protect peaceful life from dangers. We are the sword of mankind that will destroy any threat.” Each nobleman can choose from two ways of life. Abandon the title and live a normal life like all others. Or keep the title and get the knightly privileges with obligation to take up arms whenever the Empire calls, and be the force that stands in harm’s way.

Obviously, the presence of such a privileged population stratum creates social friction. But due to its wise and farsighted policy the Empire managed to defuse crisis situations so far. Most of them.


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The Seit come from the H12 globular cluster, which collided with our Galaxy. This cosmic cataclysm almost destroyed the Seit civilization and their native galaxy. Moreover, it inflicted a colossal blow on the territories that belonged to the Asgar civilization in the Milky Way.

As a highly developed civilization, the Seit began to prepare for relocation to a new home in advance. In their native galaxy they had to struggle for living space and they brought this habit along. The Seit are ruthless creatures who believe in their right to dominate and rule the rest of the intelligent species. This shaped their entire strategy upon arrival. Taking advantage of the disaster, weakness and isolation of the Asgar, the Seit quickly seized a considerable part of their territory and managed to maintain momentum until now. Due to the rigorous and consistent expansion policy, advanced technology and powerful fleet, they have become one of the dominant races of the Galaxy and are actively imposing their will on other races in the galactic community.

Their political system is technocratic despotism. Ruthless and cynical position of the Seit scientists had repeatedly saved their people from extermination. Therefore for centuries their civilization’s development was guided by the ideals of ​​rationality and expediency. At the head of the race are scientific clans that dominate in one or another field. And it is the contribution of scientists of certain clans, their efficiency and the impact of their inventions that granted them such a powerful influence in the Seit society.

Cold and remorseless Seit are accustomed to conquest and domination. Other races, whatever proud, pompous, lordly and strong they are, consider the Seit a threat to their existence, and not without reason. And threats must be eliminated before it’s too late.

Seit are well versed in telepathic control, manipulation and intrigue. Their race holds one of the key positions in the Galaxy. They have great weight in the Security Committee of the Galactic Council, and use it brazenly. In fact, due to non-interference of the Asgar, the Seit paralyzed this institution, and other races like Kja and Eltofa, who wanted to start their own expansion, also used this.


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Shorks  are a primitive civilization that originates from an oceanic planet. They live in small clans and have ancient and complicated martial traditions. Shorks respect soldier’s honor and victory.

The Seit have seen a great potential in them and now use Shorks as a spearhead of their strike units. Despite their size Shokrs are agile and skillful, thus being extremely dangerous opponents. The Seit did not waste time and resources to advance the Shorks, for Seits’ own security: the more primitive the race, the easier it is to control it.

Instead the Seit allow them to settle on subordinate planets in environments that are convenient for them, and recruit the best Shork fighters for their strike units. For this purpose major competitions are held, where, as Shorks believe, the gods will determine the best warriors to fight in their wars in heavens. These chosen ones receive additional training, fine armor and weaponry.

Remaining a primitive society, Shorks are often worship totems according to tribal traditions and decorate their wargear with ornaments, similar to the tattoos on their bodies.

Shorks are omnivorous amphibians with well-developed muscular system and excellent reflexes. They live mainly on islands or along shorelines, and continue to grow throughout their lives as fish, from which they originate.

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Hunting Raptors


The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the Seit army is the hunting raptors: biological weapons, reptiles genetically modified by the Seit for close combat and terror action in the enemy’s rear. They are armed with teeth and claws and protected by pseudo-chitinous shells, capable of changing color depending on the environment. Raptor packs pose a threat only in close combat, but can easily close in with their target due to high mobility and stealth, as well as protective fields from controller drones.

These intelligent and aggressive predators are unleashed upon planets that cannot be actively bombarded or assaulted. And these monsters just hunt. No army or defense system is able to ensure safety of the civilian population, when their enemy is a predatory beast that hunts to kill and feed. They sow fear, break the enemy’s will and demoralize its rears.

Raptor packs genetically adapt to the environment in which they hunt, and are able to blend with it. They are created to become Alpha predators, turning into a dominant species of a planet where they are deployed. And if they fail to do so, the Seit make genetic modifications and deploy a new batch. Hunting raptors: biological weapons, reptiles genetically modified by the Seit for close combat and terror action in the enemy’s rear. They are armed with teeth and claws and protected by pseudo-chitinous shells, capable of changing color depending on the environment.


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Being a nobleman means being the first. The first one to step on the battlefield and the last one to leave it. Such is a philosophy that the Empire professes giving privileges and wealth to nobility. Of course, this does not always work, and not everywhere, and colossal space distances only increase feudal fragmentation. But the main principle still works: knight is a heavily armed, well-trained warrior who is the mankind’s spearhead. The knights have rights and privileges as long as they stand guarding the borders of the Empire. Accusation of abuse is a guaranteed loss of title, position and income.Of course, upbringing plays a vital role – noble families and the central system of education teach young gentry to think that they received money and power in advance and now have to pay their debt to the Empire. But whatever the state does, the gap between nobility and ordinary people only grows.

A wide variety of ranged and close combat weapons provides a dominant advantage on the battlefield. As for protection, knights outfit their armor with active and passive defensive systems like magnetic shields, smoke launchers, decoy flares and reactive armor.

In order to control the knights in vast spaces, several knightly orders were created:

– The Order of the Imperial Cross (created on the basis of existing and still orders Teutonic, Maltese, Holy Sepulcher)

– Order of the Fiery Falcon (Order of the Capital)

– Order of the Polar Star (knights of this Order decorate their armor and heraldry with attributes of the Northern European pagan religion)

– Order of Santiago (restored after the beginning of the war of the first contact to ensure security of space routes)

– Order of Oceanic Anger (attributes and traditions of Oceania and Latin America)

Of course, not all knights belong to these orders, but the ones above are the most powerful and influential structures. Grand Masters of the Orders compete for power with the Grand Ducal Houses.

Technically, knight armor is a fully airtight humanoid combat mech inside which there is an armored capsule where the pilot is lying with crossed hands. This is where the nickname of the knights – pharaohs – comes from.

Each knight’s exoskeleton is a unique complex and in fact is a custom-made product. All of them are based on more or less common and trendy chassis, but with differences. Armor and weapons of each fighter, despite being assembled from the parts of same type, have unique designs created specifically for the user to ideally match his tactics and combat style.

Knight’s armor suit is designed to operate autonomously for several days. Mobility systems are placed around the operator’s sarcophagus. The suit is large enough to house a dual system: hydraulic servos and carbon fiber muscles. Around the main frame vital nodes and systems are located. These are covered with protective layers and pseudo-muscles. Which, in turn, are protected with external plates of ceramic armor with built-in surveillance and active protection systems.


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Astroborne mobile infantry is the blackbone of the mankind’s army. They go into battle beside knights and heavily armored units, serve on ships and guard outposts. They cannot vaporize entire continents like spaceships do, but they don’t need to. Mobile infantry exists for its own purpose and fits it perfectly

Mobile infantry units permanently stationed on humanity-controlled worlds and space stations are called the Colonial Guard. They share structure and equipment of the Astroborne infantry, but often have less combat experience and lack some of the most sophisticated high-tech gear.

The MA4 a5 Mobile infantry armor is a standard issue closed circuit armored exoskeleton. Granting protection against hazardous environments, it also controls the operator’s status and is capable of providing automated first aid. The suit also has an extensive sensor array to monitor tactical situation. Besides that, each MA4 a5 is equipped with a rebreather with 4 hours’ worth supply of oxygen, a 5-liter water tank and a power supply unit granting 80 hours of autonomous operation

Each suit of armor is designed with close circuit capability in mind for operations in vacuum or hostile environments. An airtight lower layer is covered with carbon pseudo-muscles that and are in turn protected with ceramite armor plates

Colt M6a3 laser rifle is the infantry’s best friend. Each one comes with an underbarrel 20-mm launcher. And of course this complex and modular high-tech weapon system cannot show its true potential without a targeting computer synchronized with the infantryman’s armor. Soldiers can see what their rifles see and they don’t need to aim down the sights to shoot accurately, as they always have a crosshair projected into their visors.

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Universe Description

Life is progress and motion. So is war. New technologies present opportunities and challenges. Those who adapt to the new conditions gain the upper hand, and those who cannot adapt are sentenced to extinction. Development of technologies does not bring peace and security – it simply changes the face of war. However, the causes of wars always remain the same. No matter how long peace lasts, sooner or later greed, fear and ambition will prevail and sweep away the ghostly wall of morality and laws…

For some time the Milky Way lived peacefully and calmly. Fear prevailed.

Of the most ancient races in the galaxy there were only the mighty Asgar. A race that conquered even gravity. Mighty. Eternal. Capable of lighting and extinguishing stars. They established order in the galaxy, creating the Galactic Council, which resolved controversial issues and enabled peaceful coexistence of other races. The younger civilizations listened. But gradually the Asgar separated themselves from the rest of the galactic community, concentrating more and more on internal problems.

Eventually the Asgar lady Athene Pallas proclaimed an entire sector on the fringe of the Galaxy forbidden. None dared to disobey. Rumors spread that a famous Asgar biologist created some terrible biological weapons there… But what awaits the Universe? What happens in the forbidden sector?


Time passed and life went on as usual until an in fact, everyday event for the Universe: the Milky Way absorbed a smaller galaxy. And with it, a new race moved into our galaxy. The Seit. They were not accustomed to fear the Asgar and started to aggressively conquer living space for themselves. With them they brought slave races, and in the Milky Way they found new ones. The Seit, being powerful psionics and skillful manipulators, had quickly subjugated a large section of the galaxy and began to play one of the leading roles in the Galactic Council. The Asgar remained silent.

Entire species fell under the yoke of the Seit, but Asgar kept silence. They were indifferent. The directives of the Council are of little interest to those who have powerful fleets and armies.

Seeing such indifference of the Asgar, the other races decided that it was their time to realize long-standing ambitions and correct long-standing injustice. Ambitious Kja and greedy Eltofa were the first to launch their fleets to the conquest. And the rest followed. Multiple local conflicts caught fire, but then quickly came to a dead end. The forces of the sides were not enough to break the enemies, and nobody wanted to put everything at stake in the war. From time to time clashes broke out on the borders and armed provocations took place. It was not peace, but neither it was war. In such a situation the thirst for power made everyone look for the mysterious and powerful weapons of Athene. The key to power in the galaxy, as from times immemorial, as it was believed by the younger races.

No expedition returned from the Forbidden Sector of the Galaxy, and they were afraid to enter, none ventured to disturb the mystery of the Universe, choosing to better be safe and alive….

And then finally the long wait was over. A new race appeared from the Forbidden Sector, previously unknown to anyone – the Humanity.


The war of the first contact between Seit and Humans stirred the Galaxy. The young human race was incredibly strong and powerful. And with the arrival of the Humans, the Asgar finally awoke from hibernation and started to act.

So what does this bring to the Galaxy? Will the new order be established? Will a new superpower rise and break the resistance of the others? Who owns the mysterious and powerful weapon of Athena?

We do not know this today. The mighty fleets of galactic powers stand a few steps away from a full-scale collision. The entire Galaxy pauses for a brief moment on the verge of war.