The Future is uncertain... You make it!

Welcome to the Verge of War universe, a Sc-Fi setting where stellar civilizations clash in a conflict of epic scale. Godlike Asgar lords, powerful Seit psionics, ambitious Skrags, avaricious Eltofa, cunning Kija, merciless Pirates and many others fight for dominance in the Galaxy. “Sword of Athene”, a mysterious and fearsome weapon hidden in the Forbidden Sector, is the key to power. You are the one to decide the conflict’s outcome. It’s your decisions that can turn the tide of battle. Playing Verge of War you shape the Universe. You influence development of the Galaxy, creating commanders, leaders and heroes who will leave a mark in history.

  • The Seit Civilization

    The Seit come from the H12 globular cluster, which collided with our Galaxy. This cosmic cataclysm almost destroyed the Seit civilization and their native galaxy. Moreover, it inflicted a colossal blow on the territories that belonged to the Asgar civilization...

  • Humans

    Humanity is a relatively young civilization among the stellar nations. But ambitious and audacious as hell. Born in the little-studied sector of the Universe, mankind presented itself to the galactic community as a strong and self-sufficient nation with a powerful...


IFG is pleased to announce the launch of the VERGE official website.

We are wargame players, just like you. We are driven by desire to create a game where gameplay and rules are parts of the universe and tell the same story as the game’s background. Creating a new system by gamers, for gamers, we’ve carefully analyzed the existing ones and developed rules, drawing on experience of the best to present you a new, definitive system. Easy to learn, fast-paced and cinematic, with a possibility for each player to influence the game’s world and write their names in its history.  Our work continues. We’ll keep on creating and listening carefully to player feedback.

“Play VERGE!

This is a wargame that’s fun to both play and watch. And, of course, it is much fun to create!”

VERGE recreates action-packed clashes of high-tech armies on the battlefields of the far future. Their scale ranges from covert ops and skirmishes of patrol units to full-fledged planetary assaults, supported by fleet groups. The game system allows simulation of combat in various types of terrain and conditions and provide tools for you to create an army that fits your tactical doctrine The rules are easy to learn so that you could start playing in several minutes. But beneath the surface there are lots of things to master, including subtle combinations and nuances that will allow you to discover new stratagems and tactical approaches while making your army even stronger.

From the blog

  • A Pirate Plan

    “Why the hell do we have to listen to this damn squeaker?” asked the Skrag angrily. The lizard was mighty unhappy with the fact that a feathered scoundrel was their point man. “Oh, not again” replied an enormous Eltofa in...

  • Asgar in action (Kyleera’s Revenge)

     Kyleera has had enough. Non-intervention policy. Ignoring actions of some lowly jackals. While Odingir ruled, they were afraid to open their mouths, but now plunder the lost Asgar colonies. Prey on her people’s legacy! Since when we no longer need...


Future of the Galaxy is in you hands