Pre-order: Verge of War Dice Set

🎛 Dice roll 🎛 is an important part of wargames, it can ruin even the perfect strategy or help you to get unharmed out even from the worst situation.
In Verge of War, the dice roll is much less affecting the outcome of the battle. If you use all your skills and abilities right you can’t miss the crucial hit. Build your strategy right and the dice wound not fail you 😉

Thanks to you, we continue to develop and fill our game! To make it even more interesting to play and make it more atmospheric, we would really like to create a unique branded dice set.
If you like Sci-Fi theme as much as we do, then you should definitely like them.

They will be made by a reliable and well-known company Q-Workshop. In order to make it real, we need to gather 45 orders. For pre-orders the price is only $10 for 6 D6 dice set, then estimated retail price -15$! Join!

Join us to fund the original Verge of War dice set! Futuristic and stylish! Pre-order yours! http://www.vergeofwar.com/shop/verge-of-war-custom-dice-preorder/

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