Battle report is an important IFS instrument to influence the development of the lore

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Intelligent Feedback System (IFS) is a simple and objective system that allows players to influence and shape the Verge of War Universe. The system provides Universe Shaping Point (USP) to each player registered in our system, and thus the factions they represent. If a player owns several armies belonging to different factions, USP are credited separately for each faction. The initial zones of influence are defined by the game’s authors.

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Four simple steps to grow your personal score and influence the future of the Galaxy


Open Battle Report form Page  or use it as an example for creating your own battle report (doc, pdf or as a letter) and send it to


Fullfill all the fields with description of game mission, players rosters, how did your battle rounds go, which actions were made, what units destroyed. We would be much appreciated for your thoughts about game experience, your feedbacks.


Press the “Send” button to submit your battle report.


The victory will be counted to the score of corresponding faction, and your personal rating (which will be linked with your email) will receive one Universe Shaping Point (USP).

Be aware! Use only one email for every battle report, the points will be assign to email which you use to send a report!

What are your profits?

Complicity in shaping lore

Players all over the world shape the outcome of each season! The activity of each player determines who will rule in the galaxy and who will remain in the backyard.

Your own characters

The most active players have a 100% chance to write a character, squad or even a whole Noble House into the books! Work personally with the author of VoW.

World famous

The winners of the annual tournaments and the most active players of the season will take the top places in the player rating. The whole world will follow the development of events!

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