We are a SciFi-driven Space Opera tabletop wargame creating team.

We are wargame players, just like you. We are driven by desire to create a game where gameplay and rules are parts of the universe and tell the same story as the game’s background.

Creating a new system by gamers, for gamers, we’ve carefully analyzed the existing ones and developed rules, drawing on experience of the best to present you a new, definitive system. Easy to learn, fast-paced and cinematic, with a possibility for each player to influence the game’s world and write their names in its history.  

Our work continues…

We’ll keep on creating and listening carefully to players feedbacks!  


Operating for over 3 years


MInis sold


Customer rating


” We wanted to create something great, the galaxy that gives us and many others the chance to make history, to become part of the heroic deeds of legendary heroes. To become immortal on the pages of the beautiful books.”

~ Kirill Mandryka, co-funder, author of the rules

The customer service was excellent, whoever runs social media is brilliant! the minis are incredible.. I purchased some raptors and I couldn’t be happier. They shipped quickly. Would definitely recommended and will be buying from verge of war in the future!!

I am still over the moon with how they turned out and I cannot wait to get them on the table.

– Kyle Sokolosky

mEEt thE tEAm

andrii voron
background author, ceo

Creator of Verge of War Universe. He loves science fiction and scientific progress. He is inspired by mankind’s creativity and strive for progress. For him it is a great pleasure to tell an exciting story.

kirill mandryka
rules author, project manager

A man who has devoted a significant part of his life to games and development of gaming systems. An experienced international tournament player, he appreciates games where victory depends on the player’s skill. This is what he aimed for while creating “Verge of War”.

yevgeniy kuzmenko

He diligently implements all the ideas of the authors, being in charge of production and logistics processes and carefully monitors the quality of the final product.

anna mandryka
digital designer, photographer

A much-needed support and do-all (social media, ceo, public relations, digital design, photo and video production). She introduces a system into everything and guarantees that creators create instead of doing random stuff with cool faces.

Tatiana mandryka
project manager, public relations

A manager and experienced businesswoman. Her main task is to manage creative personalities and to make sure that everything done by them is completed exactly when and where it’s needed. She’s a wind in the sails of our ship, steering it into the right direction.

yuliya Tatarinova
digital artist

Provides visual support and works on design of logos and arts. She supports and prepares our arts for publishing.

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 We cherish our community of players and pride ourselves in our customer care, so do not hesitate to write, we are here for you!