4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Jonathan Likovetz says:

    The best customer service I have ever received. I forgot to add the code for free shipping. They emailed me within minutes of my order offering to add an item the same price as the shipping cost to my order for free. I can’t wait for my models to arrive and start playing.

  2. Scott Harper says:

    Verge of War is one of the funnest Sci-Fi games I have played. The models are outstanding and the rules are easy to pick up. Each army has a variety of play styles and unit combinations that allow for varied gameplay and fun scenarios. Anyone who tries this game can expect to have a fun experience!

  3. Shane McCallum says:

    The models are really detailed. Verge of War’s customer service is also excellent. I was missing pieces from my Raptor pack and after a few emails my pieces were shipped out to me!

  4. Walter Cook says:

    Very intuitive rule set with great models. Great support of the game by answering any rules question quickly via Facebook or email. Plus they have one of the best customer service in the market today. I had a model missing from a order and they quickly replaced it.

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