Vegre of War recreates action-packed clashes of high-tech armies on the battlefields of the far future. Their scale ranges from covert ops and skirmishes of patrol units to full-fledged planetary assaults, supported by fleet groups.

The game system allows simulation of combat in various types of terrain and conditions and provide tools for you to create an army that fits your tactical doctrine.

The rules are easy to learn so that you could start playing in several minutes. But beneath the surface there are lots of things to master, including subtle combinations and nuances that will allow you to discover new stratagems and tactical approaches while making your army even stronger.

Special model upgrade kits will provide infinite variants of customizing your collection of miniatures, adding new level of depth to your conversions and making every character stand out.

Verge of War is a game for 2 or more players and is about strategy and tactic.

To play the game you are going to need a gaming table, measuring tape in inches, some 6 sided dice and terrain. We reccomend to use 4×6 ft (48×72 inches/ 122x183cm) gaming table, but it can be any table you want or playmat on it. Terrain can be nicely made sci-fi houses, ruins or just small boxes and empty cans. Well made game tables and terrain make the game better looking, but its your imagination that will do the greatest part.

To start the game first choose your faction

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Choose the point size and gather your army

To do that please download Faction ArmyBook and use it to calculate unit points.

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Define your strategy: choose your Commander levels

You can find the proper chapter with all existing Commander skills and levels In Faction ArmyBook.

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Choose your mission and deployment type from the Rulebook

Six missions and 6 deployment types to choose from.

Open Rulebook

Next step: Roll for Initiative. The winner of the roll-off chooses to go first or to select deployment zone. The other player gets whatever benefit the winner did not choose.
Then place objectives as per the mission rules.

Place terrain.

And deploy armies in initiative order and start the game! 

Let the best player wins!

To know more watch our gameplay video