Violators (meeting with the Sphinx)

– It seems they lost us, – said Klalyr, catching his breath.

– My prince, better not stop. – Segir responded.

Only four “researchers” left of their detachment. Kja looked around in horror, expecting that the damned Asgar dogs jump out of the sandstorm.

– I heard, – said one of the fighters, – when Cerberi took the trail, he will never let go his victim

– Better watch your sector, – Segir barked.

– YES! Gentlemen! – a mechanical voice boomed from the gale.

The Kja turned towards the sound and saw the remains of the building parted in different directions and a majestic figure of a colossus emerged from them.

The four-legged monster was richly adorned with gold and precious stones. And it could be mistaken for the decoration of the old manor, if not for the characteristic brilliance of the gravitational field of the cannon at the tail sting of the machine. Instead of an animal head, the machine had a humanoid torso, which was crowned with a golden head with glowing eyes. The majestic machine turned its head towards Kja’s hiding place.

– Violators! – a metallic voice boomed and the huge tail of a scorpion aimed at the cache.

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