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Seit Commander on a War Platform and Command Drones

The Seit themselves are low height and tenuous humanoids possessing superior psionic power, as well as advanced technologies. When they need brute force they prefer to use races controlled by them, such as Shorks, or to create bio-organisms of their own design, such as Raptors, which they control mentally. To expand their mental control zone…
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Shork Tribal Warrior

Shorks¬† are a¬†primitive civilization that originates from an oceanic planet. They live in small clans and have ancient and complicated martial traditions. Shorks respect soldier's honor and victory. The Seit have seen a great potential in them and now use Shorks as a spearhead of their strike units. Despite their size Shokrs are agile and…
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Rartor Hunting Pack

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the Seit army is the hunting raptors: biological weapons, reptiles genetically modified by the Seit for close combat and terror action in the enemy's rear. They are armed with teeth and claws and protected by pseudo-chitinous shells, capable of changing color depending on the environment.…
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