“They brag about their force, valor or tenacity. But they are brain-dead. Only a pure intellect has a right to rule the Galaxy.” Shirgush, Seit Autocrat

General Information

The Seit come from the H12 globular cluster, which collided with our Galaxy. This cosmic cataclysm almost destroyed the Seit civilization and their native galaxy. Moreover, it inflicted a colossal blow on the territories that belonged to the Asgar civilization in the Milky Way. As a highly developed civilization, the Seit began to prepare for relocation to a new home in advance. In their native galaxy they had to struggle for living space and they brought this habit along.

The Seit are ruthless creatures who believe in their right to dominate and rule the rest of the intelligent species. This shaped their entire strategy upon arrival. Taking advantage of the disaster, weakness and isolation of the Asgar, the Seit quickly seized a considerable part of their territory and managed to maintain momentum until now.

Due to the rigorous and consistent expansion policy, advanced technology and powerful fleet, they have become one of the dominant races of the Galaxy and are actively imposing their will on other races in the galactic community. Cold and remorseless Seit are accustomed to conquest and domination. Other races, whatever proud, pompous, lordly and strong they are, consider the Seit a threat to their existence, and not without reason. And threats must be eliminated before it’s too late.

Seit are well versed in telepathic control, manipulation and intrigue. Their race holds one of the key positions in the Galaxy. They have great weight in the Security Committee of the Galactic Council, and use it brazenly. In fact, due to non-interference of the Asgar, the Seit paralyzed this institution, and other races like Kja and Eltofa, who wanted to start their own expansion, also used this.

Political Order

Their political system is technocratic despotism. Ruthless and cynical position of the Seit scientists had repeatedly saved their people from extermination. Therefore for centuries their civilization’s development was guided by the ideals of ​​rationality and expediency. At the head of the race are scientific clans that dominate in one or another field. And it is the contribution of scientists of certain clans, their efficiency and the impact of their inventions that granted them such a powerful influence in the Seit society.

Science Groups

Karybu – exploited weaknesses of other races and prevented the enemy fleets from uniting and becoming a major threat.

Karybu Seit science group specializes mostly on astrophysics and space travel, provides their civilization with formidable spaceships. But also the Karybu are the strongest psionics in the Dominion. They develop their psionic power in space travels as well as their gift of divination, which allows them to prevent undesirable events. Karybu seits are irreplaceable for the Dominion and they are well aware of that, so they stand aside from the politics game in the Dominion.

Zalgirny – provided the third component of the Seit military power. Genetical and biological modifications. Raptors were the first – and to this day are an effective weapon of terror. Another breakthrough of the Zalgirny group were so-called MOBs (mindless biological organisms) – another attempt of manipulation and psychological warfare.

Zalgyrny – the most violent of all groups, they study social sciences to find ways of influence on other races and how to use them to achieve the Seit goals. Also, they united with the best biologist in the Dominion – Ceristars, creators of Raikosoto (Awe bringers) or the Raptors as humans call them and many more terrifying creatures. They achieve greatness when they discovered and convinced Shorks to join the Dominion. On the battlefield they rely on their creations and shorks as their main weapon, applying many different new tech and biostimulators.

Samirkar – created several classes of combat drones that completely replaced the Seit on the frontlines. This made the odds slightly better but was not enough to turn the tide of surface battles.

Samirkar group is represented by electrophysics and Seits weaponsmiths. They are creators of the Seits drones, battleships weaponry defense systems, and many more. They were the dominating group in the Dominion having only Karuby as they opposition before the Shorks appears and the rise of the Zalgyrny group. Samirkar rely on drones, they believe in their weaponry and think that the metal and technology will always prevail.

Seits Army

Seits actively use the strong sides of different races to compensate the shortcomings of each one.
– powerful psionics
– high maneuverability
– low point cost of raptors/zombies as an alive shield
– good strong equipment with powerful plasma guns.
– one of the best units for hand-to-hand battle.
– good scouts
– good arrows
– good saboteurs
– very low point cost
– bad stats
– powerful weapon

Who represents Seits on the tabletop?

Seit Commander

In their native galaxy the Seit had to struggle for living space and they brought this habit to the Milky Way. The Seit is a ruthless civilization that believes in its right to dominate and rule the rest of the intelligent species. This became the foundation of their policy and strategy.

The Seit themselves are low height and tenuous humanoids possessing superior psionic power, as well as advanced technologies. When they need brute force they prefer to use races controlled by them, such as Shorks, or to create bio-organisms of their own design, such as Raptors, which they control mentally.

To expand their mental control zone the Seit use special command drones called “Nohtav gules”, which is translated as “Hand of Mind”.

Squire against Shork

Griffon 22-4 Story

Shork Tribal Warrior

Shorks are a primitive race of large omnivorous amphibians, physically developed and having ancient and complex military traditions. They live in a primitive tribal society, where violence is the main way of solving conflicts and exaltation in society.

When Seit first appeared on their planet, the Shorks praised them as gods descending from heaven, and worshiped their mental power as a manifestation of divinity.

Arranging tournaments for the best warriors, the aliens then chose champions to fight beside them, which for the primitive Shorks was akin to blessing.

The Seit provide Shorks with armor and plasma weapons, resembling their traditional ones. Such a formidable set of gear allows Shorks to be an effective and fearsome spearhead of the Seit forces. Their plasma reapers are capable of cutting even the strongest armor, and in Shork’s hands they are tools of utter destruction.

Hunting Raptors

They are the biological weapons, reptiles genetically modified by the Seit for close combat and terror action in the enemy’s rear. They are armed with teeth and claws and protected by pseudo-chitinous shells, capable of changing color depending on the environment.

These intelligent and aggressive predators are unleashed upon planets that cannot be actively bombarded or assaulted.  And these monsters just hunt. No army or defense system is able to ensure safety of the civilian population, when their enemy is a predatory beast that hunts to kill and feed. They sow fear, break the enemy’s will and demoralize its rears.

Referred to as “Raikh soto” – “Awe bringers” in the Seit language, among humans these creatures are known as raptors. They are genetically engineered carnivores that the Seit use for terror actions and raids to weaken planet’s defenses.

Hunting is raptor’s basic instinct, and they act in packs, quickly becoming the planet’s apex predators that terrorize civilian population and disrupt infrastructure. Planetary defence forces have to waste a lot of time, effort and resources to neutralize them, which allows the Seit to subdue the weakened world easily.

Raptor hatchlings

Raptor hatchlings is it is the youngest of the Raptors. Zalgirny science group developed the improvement to the raptor genes allowing the hatchling skin to reach its maximum strength before maturity, it increases the hatchling survival rate by 20% which pleases the Seit a lot
As an artificially created organism Raptors breed at an extremely high rate, and to train than in any closed facilities will be a waste of recourses, this Seits can not allow. So it was decided to train Raptor hatchlings on the battlefield, and to ensure the pack will follow commands they are given a specially modified dron controller, witch project the will of the Seit commander to the pack.

The hatchling who survives the battle will become one of the most terrifying battle predators in the galaxy.

Light Assault drone “Carsyly”

These small and quick drones can move freely over complex terrain and are very hard to intercept.

Carsyly or “Quick death” in Seit language – a fast-flying egg-shaped drone armed with lethal plasma missiles and secondary weapons depending on the task. Carsyly were created by the Samirkar science group as strike vehicles for fast maneuvering engagements. These small and quick drones can move freely over complex terrain and are very hard to intercept. They are capable of breaking through enemy defenses and destroying armored targets and fortified positions.

After the first engagement Carsyly drones retreat to the carrier vessel for rearming and repairs, and then return for another attack. They’ve been created during Theseus Cluster conquest and remain a highly efficient and inexpensive weapon of the Dominion.

Carsyly drone’s main weapons are “Nanhik” (Bright light) plasma missiles.
The drone can also be armed with high-intensity laser emitters or a plasma cannon, that is best used to destroy infantry in light cover.

Killer Drone “Raiksyly”

Raiksyly (“Sudden death” in Seit language) is an unmanned combat vehicle, designed for ambushes, sniping, and sabotage actions behind enemy lines.
These small spider-like drones are equipped with cloaking devices and are highly autonomous, capable of independently operating on rough terrain or in built-up areas for long periods of time. Special propulsion system allows them to move stealthily and fix themselves on virtually any surface.

Raiksyly drones are well-known across the Galaxy as a threat that the Seit leave behind when they retreat: to slow down the enemy’s advance and act behind their lines. Alternatively, they may be deployed with vanguard units of Raptors to destabilize the situation on a planet. And if Raptors are a threat that’s relatively easy to track down and destroy, hunting for killer drones may last for years, during which Raiksyly drones will strike from shadows again and again.

Raiksyly weapons:
Laser emitters – a rapid-fire weapon system for suppressing enemy infantry from concealed
Plasma cannon – a weapon for dealing with lightly-armored vehicles and light fortifications.
Maser cannon – a type of laser that does not leave traces in the visible spectrum. Masers
are used for sniper, anti-sniper, and sabotage operations.

Heavy Assault drone “Arnsyly”

Arnsyly is a heavy strike drone. Its main task is to storm the enemy’s fortified positions in regions where the use of orbital bombing is not justified or impossible.
This heavy drone is a powerful fire platform that has good armor.

– The propulsion system “Six paws” allows him to move easily through difficult terrain.
– A paired plasma gun on the back of the drone
– A powerful anti-infantry laser turret in front of the corps
– Height of the drone is 4500 mm
– Height with guns 5200 mm
– Body length 4900 mm
– radius of paws 5800 mm
– Corps width 2200 mm
– Weight 63 tons



From the other side that Seits break the will of other races. No, it’s not dead inhabitants of the planet, raised from their graves by some mystical telepathic spell. Everything is much worse. These are alive victim representatives of the races who were taken prisoner by the Seits. Special technical installations suppress their consciousness, leaving only the motor functions of the body, and these prisoners are used as an alive shield.
Of course, it is not difficult to kill such a “zombie” .. technically. But morally…

“There are no alive people there. What mother is able to step over the body of her own child and continue to come to us with a friendly smile? ”(c) Colonel of the 75th Rangers Regiment, Joseph Blacksteel

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