3D model: Light Assault drone “Carsyly”

“Bloody hell,” Grazgei hissed, “the signal source is moving.”
“How is that possible?” asked Gluu “it’s gold, it should not be moving.”
“So either it is not gold, or…”
“Get the hell out of here!” roared the boatswain. “Everyone back to the shuttle.”
The human did not wait for the rest of the raiders and rushed towards the exit from the abandoned base.
There was still night outside. Quiet and dead night in a ruined city. Old Suleem had a trained intuition, sixth sense for traps, otherwise he would not become a boatswain. And intuition never let him down.
Before that day.
Two elliptical shadows stealthily dashed along the street and maneuvered for an attack. Silent flying drones shut the trap into which the mercenaries were so easily lured. Suleem rushed to the wall of the building in a final attempt, but the night broke out with green flashes of plasma. The drone moved along the factory and flooded it with fire. The mercenaries tried to shoot at them, but swift machines made evasive maneuvers and laid down suppressive fire.
“Shit, I can’t get a lock!” growled the skrag, not understanding why the missile can’t lock on the enemy in sight.
“Throw it and run away!” exclaimed Suleem.
The boatswain fought these silent killers before and knew they were capable of hiding from even the most powerful surveillance systems.
The drones accelerated, performed a graceful pirouette, jumped to the other side of the street and completed the slaughter. And then silently vanished back into the night.

Light Assault Drone “Сarsyly”

One of the units that ensure technological and firepower advantage of the Seit on the battlefield, both over enemies and allies. This is a highly maneuverable flying drone of elongated elliptical shape, propelled by a powerful but compact anti-grav engine.
To humans these drones are well-known as “UFOs”

– length 2 000 mm
– height 1 200 mm
– width 1 800 mm
– width with equipment on hardpoints 2 100
– weight 12 tons
– armor: light

– autonomous system with artificial intelligence

Main weapons:
– two rapid-fire beamers with wide aiming angle ranges.
– camouflage generators for active interference
Optional weapons (on external hardpoints):
– additional communication equipment.

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