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Humanity is a relatively young civilization among the stellar nations. But ambitious and audacious as hell. Born in the little-studied sector of the Universe, mankind presented itself to the galactic community as a strong and self-sufficient nation with a powerful military force and balanced economy capable of affording a mighty stellar fleet.

Despite its name the human state is more a confederation than an empire. Colossal distances and lack of decent communication means make it impossible to maintain a strongly centralized power system. Formally, at the head of the state stands the Emperor who chooses his heir among the candidates proposed by the noble houses. The House of Lords then votes to approve the heir as the Crown Prince and Grand Duke of Mars. From this moment the prince loses all ties with the family. Refuses all other titles, standings and heritage. Since that moment the Empire is his life. Of course, this political system breeds rivalry between the noble dukes and the houses of the Empire.

Second to the Emperor are the Cabinet of Ministers and the House of Lords.

The House of Lords is the upper chamber of the parliament, which includes representatives from all planets of the Empire. The number of representatives depends on the population of the planet. Each star system has its own House of Representatives which deals with local affairs.

A separate stratum of the population is the nobility. Since maintaining and developing the army at space distances is a task of utmost difficulty, the Empire had to actually restore feudalism. Besides the standard institutions of society there are noblemen. This is a caste of professional warriors that are the first to answer the call, the first to blaze a trail. As the knight’s vow goes: “We are the shield of mankind that will protect peaceful life from dangers. We are the sword of mankind that will destroy any threat.” Each nobleman can choose from two ways of life. Abandon the title and live a normal life like all others. Or keep the title and get the knightly privileges with obligation to take up arms whenever the Empire calls, and be the force that stands in harm’s way.

Obviously, the presence of such a privileged population stratum creates social friction. But due to its wise and farsighted policy the Empire managed to defuse crisis situations so far. Most of them.


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The Seit Civilization

The Seit come from the H12 globular cluster, which collided with our Galaxy. This cosmic cataclysm almost destroyed the Seit civilization and their native galaxy. Moreover, it inflicted a colossal blow on the territories that belonged to the Asgar civilization in the Milky Way.

As a highly developed civilization, the Seit began to prepare for relocation to a new home in advance. In their native galaxy they had to struggle for living space and they brought this habit along. The Seit are ruthless creatures who believe in their right to dominate and rule the rest of the intelligent species. This shaped their entire strategy upon arrival. Taking advantage of the disaster, weakness and isolation of the Asgar, the Seit quickly seized a considerable part of their territory and managed to maintain momentum until now. Due to the rigorous and consistent expansion policy, advanced technology and powerful fleet, they have become one of the dominant races of the Galaxy and are actively imposing their will on other races in the galactic community.

Their political system is technocratic despotism. Ruthless and cynical position of the Seit scientists had repeatedly saved their people from extermination. Therefore for centuries their civilization’s development was guided by the ideals of ​​rationality and expediency. At the head of the race are scientific clans that dominate in one or another field. And it is the contribution of scientists of certain clans, their efficiency and the impact of their inventions that granted them such a powerful influence in the Seit society.

Cold and remorseless Seit are accustomed to conquest and domination. Other races, whatever proud, pompous, lordly and strong they are, consider the Seit a threat to their existence, and not without reason. And threats must be eliminated before it’s too late.

Seit are well versed in telepathic control, manipulation and intrigue. Their race holds one of the key positions in the Galaxy. They have great weight in the Security Committee of the Galactic Council, and use it brazenly. In fact, due to non-interference of the Asgar, the Seit paralyzed this institution, and other races like Kja and Eltofa, who wanted to start their own expansion, also used this.