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The Asgar civilization

General Information (History) Asgar are one of the oldest races in the Galaxy. At the dawn of their age, ambitious and powerful Asgar waged wars against other civilizations and wiped them out. They’ve always acted in a cynical and violent way pursuing their own interests and satisfying their ego. At certain point, the Asgar got…
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Pirates Аrmy

“We are a free fellowship of truly independent creatures. We respect each other and stand united for our liberty. Tell me, what is higher than that?” Captain Markurig, Thirty minutes before stealing Thirunga Brotherhood’s bounty. Executed by Terrans. GENERAL INFORMATION Pirates are by no means a unified faction. They’re as far from a regular army…
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Dear Friends! Integrity First Games invites to participate in the beta-testing of our new Sci-Fi miniatures wargame, VergeOfWar. Summary VergeOfWar is a Sci-fi universe, where stellar civilizations clash in a conflict of epic scale. Godlike Asgar lords, Seit, the powerful psionics, ambitious Scrags, greedy Eltofa, cunning Kja, ruthless Pirates and many other factions fight for…
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