Dear Friends! Integrity First Games invites to participate in the play-testing of our new Sci-Fi miniatures wargame, VergeOfWar. Summary VergeOfWar is a Sci-fi universe, where stellar civilizations clash in a conflict of epic scale. Godlike Asgar lords, Seit, the powerful psionics, ambitious Scrags, greedy Eltofa, cunning Kja, ruthless Pirates and many other factions fight for dominance in the Galaxy. A mysterious weapon, “Atene’s sword”, is the key to power that is hidden in the Forbidden Sector. VergeOfWar recreates battles fought by high-tech armies on the battlefields of the far future. Their scale varies from covert ops and patrol group skirmishes to full-fledged planetary assaults supported by space fleets. VergeOfWar is a game for two or more players that assume command of one of the factions’ armies. Before the battle you choose command skills from one of the available skill trees that represent different strategies, doctrines or military specialties. Each skill set contains 10 leveled abilities that reflect your commander’s skill and mastery. The rules allow to model combat encounters in various terrain and under different conditions, and give you all necessary tools to create an army that fully corresponds to your tactical doctrine. Completed mission results are registered in IFS (Intelligent Feedback System) that allows players to influence events in the Galaxy and write their names on the pages of the Universe’s history. Our game system has two distinctive features:
  1. Possibility to create commanders with hand-picked skill sets and build armies based on the chosen command bonuses, so that they could reflect your play style in the best possible way.
  2. Unique approach to the game universe development – player feedback and game results consistently influence the game’s background via IFS – Intelligent Feedback System. IFS allows players to shape the Galaxy’s history.
For more information visit our website: www.vergeofwar.com BETA-TESTING: 
  1. To take part in the beta-testing stage you need to send us an email to this address:
  2. vergeofwar@gmail.com

  3. For testing purposes we offer a mission pack and rules for two factions: Human and Seit, recreating the events on planet Griffon 22-4. General and faction-specific rules will be provided via email.
  4. Testers will be asked to play test games and send feedback, photos and video reviews. After ten playtests and reports each participant will get two army sets: Seit Aggression Force First Contact Pack and Forces of Humanity First Contact Pack (delivery expenses will be covered by our side).
  5. All beta-testers will receive a unique miniature: the Pirate Captain. This reward will become available after the end of our Kickstarter campaign (estimated September 2018).
Concept: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JXfetpR97DXIOrkCFqjNiE03RwWIQtda
  1. All beta-testers will be mentioned on our Kickstarter page and will also be listed in the book that will be released after the end of the first Verge of War campaign dedicated to battles for Griffon 22-4. Outcome of this campaign will be determined by you: Verge of War players.
VergeOfWar is a game for gamers, by gamers. We aim to create a balanced miniatures wargame, and for this we need your help. Play Verge, provide feedback and ask questions: we’ll listen carefully and will seriously consider every comment. WE’RE COUNTING ON YOU!  

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