Knights: A Mother’s Welcome

Knights: A Mother’s Welcome

For some weird reason, it was not a quartermaster who came out to meet the newcomers, but a knight in paladin’s armor escorted by three order sergeants. The paladin’s armor was built to resemble woman’s features – obviously a mighty expensive and complex suit even by knightly armor standards. Each of them had an azure tabard with a golden cross on it. Just like the one Helen had. And finally Delgado realized.

“Thank you for saving my daughter” coldly said lady Rosenko-Alvarez, countess of Long Lagoon of Albatross 7.

“To tell the truth, milady,” Delgado replied bowing down, “it was she who saved us.”

“Indeed?” the lady sounded surprised “I am pleased to hear it. Seems like the new fencing instructor was really worth it…”

“I am glad to see you too milady”, interrupted Helen.

“…but there’s much more to work on, most certainly” the countess continued coldly, “Take this scrap off her and bring it back into shape as quickly as possible. We’ll have to hold with what we have, and there’s too few of us.”

Having said this to the order sergeants, the countess turned around and headed to the other side of the camp. As the commander of the ground operation, she obviously had her hands full.

The soldiers stabilized Helen’s armor, opened the rear panel and helped the young knight to get out. Of course, the noble houses had access to the best rejuvenation technologies, but this time it was a real fourteen-year-old girl that emerged from a battered suit of armor.

She smiled and let her hair down.

“Why are you standing still like that, folks? If it’s about my mom… Well, she’s that hard only for show. Has to be a proper commander and all. But she’s really grateful, trust me. Let’s get my armor patched up.”

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