FWP 12 Drone (“Mule”)

Field Weapon Platform 12 is an infantry support drone that carries heavy weapons, additional equipment and a battery charging system, as well as an oxygen compressor, and any other ammunition that a mobile infantry squad may need in a long raid. It can also carry heavy tactical shields. Mule is an essential asset of the squad.

Unlike earlier models, this three hundred kilogram armored assistant has four legs instead of tracks, which increases its maneuverability and controllability. This robot has a relatively low level of Artificial Intelligence. A regular specialist can operate the drone or its weapon manually. Mule can also carry a Viper reconnaissance drone.

Soldiers can easily use this machine not only as a weapons platform but also as mobile cover.FWP 12 is fully adapted for transportation by “Flounder” armored carriers, in which case it can act as a second, remotely controlled turret.

Armament options:

  1. Javelin Mk3 ATGM (4 shots). Multi-purpose missiles for taking down heavily armored targets in the air and on the ground. The main anti-tank weapon.
  2. Browning MV75 Heavy Beamer. Rapid-file laser on a turret with impressive elevation angles. This weapon is capable of devastating heavy infantry or lightly armored vehicles at distances up to 500m.
  3. 83mm Mortar. A heavy indirect fire weapon that can be loaded with several types of shells: fragmentation, high-explosive, phosphorous-inflammatory and armor-piercing. Shells are equipped with a controlled detonation system and provide a wide range of opportunities for artillery shelling of enemy targets.
  4. Heavy Tactical Shield. A police and riot control option that includes two shields installed on hydrawlic mounts.

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