Astroborne Mobile Infantry

Astroborne mobile infantry is the backbone of the mankind’s army. They go into battle beside knights and heavily armored units, serve on ships and guard outposts. They cannot vaporize entire continents like spaceships do, but they don’t need to. Mobile infantry exists for its own purpose and fits it perfectly Mobile infantry units permanently stationed on humanity-controlled worlds and space stations are called the Colonial Guard. They share structure and equipment of the Astroborne infantry, but often have less combat experience and lack some of the most sophisticated high-tech gear.  The MA4 a5 Mobile infantry armor is a standard issue closed circuit armored exoskeleton. Granting protection against hazardous environments, it also controls the operator’s status and is capable of providing automated first aid. The suit also has an extensive sensor array to monitor tactical situation. Besides that, each MA4 a5 is equipped with a rebreather with 4 hours’ worth supply of oxygen, a 5-liter water tank and a power supply unit granting 80 hours of autonomous operation.  Each suit of armor is designed with close circuit capability in mind for operations in vacuum or hostile environments. An airtight lower layer is covered with carbon pseudo-muscles that and are in turn protected with ceramite armor plates Colt M6a3 laser rifle is the infantry’s best friend. Each one comes with an underbarrel 20-mm launcher. And of course this complex and modular high-tech weapon system cannot show its true potential without a targeting computer synchronized with the infantryman’s armor. Soldiers can see what their rifles see and they don’t need to aim down the sights to shoot accurately, as they always have a crosshair projected into their visors.

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