Monthly Archives: November 2018

Intelligent Feedback System (IFS). How USPs work?

We continue to talk about the Intelligent Feedback System (IFS). The system provides Universe Shaping Point (USP) to each player registered in our system, and thus the factions they represent. How USPs work? A gaming season lasts 1 year and contains 3 “Splits” and a Cease-fire, according to a time of year. A season begins…
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Work in progress new miniature: 3D model Killer drone “Raiksyly”

An empty street of the destroyed city had already sunk into sand and dust - an orbital bombardment leaves traces even hundreds of kilometers from the point of impact. Nothing happened for days. But then there was something in the street. Optics zoomed in on two three-meter tall figures that walked along the road between…
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Work in progress new miniature: 3D model Light Assault Drone “Сarsyly”

"Bloody hell," Grazgei hissed, "the signal source is moving.” “How is that possible?” asked Gluu “it’s gold, it should not be moving.” “So either it is not gold, or…” “Get the hell out of here!” roared the boatswain. “Everyone back to the shuttle.” The human did not wait for the rest of the raiders and…
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