Verge of War universe

Life is progress and motion. So is war. New technologies present opportunities and challenges. Those who adapt to the new conditions gain the upper hand, and those who cannot adapt are sentenced to extinction. Development of technologies does not bring peace and security – it simply changes the face of war. However, the causes of wars always remain the same. No matter how long peace lasts, sooner or later greed, fear and ambition will prevail and sweep away the ghostly wall of morality and laws… For some time the Milky Way lived peacefully and calmly. Fear prevailed. Of the most ancient races in the galaxy there were only the mighty Asgar. A race that conquered even gravity. Mighty. Eternal. Capable of lighting and extinguishing stars. They established order in the galaxy, creating the Galactic Council, which resolved controversial issues and enabled peaceful coexistence of other races. The younger civilizations listened. But gradually the Asgar separated themselves from the rest of the galactic community, concentrating more and more on internal problems. Eventually the Asgar lady Athene Pallas proclaimed an entire sector on the fringe of the Galaxy forbidden. None dared to disobey. Rumors spread that a famous Asgar biologist created some terrible biological weapons there… But what awaits the Universe? What happens in the forbidden sector?

         Time passed and life went on as usual until an in fact, everyday event for the Universe: the Milky Way absorbed a smaller galaxy. And with it, a new race moved into our galaxy. The Seit. They were not accustomed to fear the Asgar and started to aggressively conquer living space for themselves. With them they brought slave races, and in the Milky Way they found new ones. The Seit, being powerful psionics and skillful manipulators, had quickly subjugated a large section of the galaxy and began to play one of the leading roles in the Galactic Council. The Asgar remained silent.

Entire species fell under the yoke of the Seit, but Asgar kept silence. They were indifferent. The directives of the Council are of little interest to those who have powerful fleets and armies. Seeing such indifference of the Asgar, the other races decided that it was their time to realize long-standing ambitions and correct long-standing injustice. Ambitious Kja and greedy Eltofa were the first to launch their fleets to the conquest. And the rest followed. Multiple local conflicts caught fire, but then quickly came to a dead end. The forces of the sides were not enough to break the enemies, and nobody wanted to put everything at stake in the war. From time to time clashes broke out on the borders and armed provocations took place. It was not peace, but neither it was war. In such a situation the thirst for power made everyone look for the mysterious and powerful weapons of Athene. The key to power in the galaxy, as from times immemorial, as it was believed by the younger races. No expedition returned from the Forbidden Sector of the Galaxy, and they were afraid to enter, none ventured to disturb the mystery of the Universe, choosing to better be safe and alive…. And then finally the long wait was over. A new race appeared from the Forbidden Sector, previously unknown to anyone – the Humanity.  The war of the first contact between Seit and Humans stirred the Galaxy. The young human race was incredibly strong and powerful. And with the arrival of the Humans, the Asgar finally awoke from hibernation and started to act. So what does this bring to the Galaxy? Will the new order be established? Will a new superpower rise and break the resistance of the others? Who owns the mysterious and powerful weapon of Athena? We do not know this today. The mighty fleets of galactic powers stand a few steps away from a full-scale collision. The entire Galaxy pauses for a brief moment on the verge of war.

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