The Triclon civilization

“We sing dreams of the past to preserve our people’s legacy, to not let it fade away among the stars. Our voices are memories of those long gone.”


Elder Dreamsinger

General Information 

Triclons are one of the oldest civilizations. Favorites of the Asgar, whose race was put on the edge of extinction by the Seit. They are a peaceful kind that managed to survive and evolve under protection of the Asgar, but when Asgar became indifferent and distanced from the Galaxy’s matters, Triclons had to face grim reality and could not protect their worlds. The Seit, Kja and Eltofa dragged Triclon colonies asunder. In fact, now the Triclon civilization is destroyed and is barely holding onto its last outposts, seeking salvation in the old Galactic Council laws that are no longer observed.



Lifetime of an average Triclon is not too long, about 50 years, but they possess a powerful telepathic trait: distributed memory. And sometimes truly great psionics are born among the Triclons. They are always females, called “Dream Singers”, and they are keepers of memories and experiences of the other Singers.

The Singers are capable of adopting other Singers’ memories and spread them among members of their clan. The clan is bound together with powerful psionic ties that allow each member to feel the other ones. Because of this, the clan is incredibly sensitive about losing their own.


Political Order

Triclons live in clans, subdivided into small groups. Each clan is led by the Council of Singers, headed by the Elder Singer. Several united clans form a house, and houses form a commonwealth.

Only three Triclon commonwealths still exist:

  • Children of the Stars – the least numerous, almost all its members are pacifists, living their lives in constant travels among the stars, trying to survive.
  • Children of the Silver Moon – once one of the greatest, now they are keepers of the race’s legacy and incarnation of its philosophy, and still have more clans than any other commonwealth.
  • Children of the Blazing Sun – this commonwealth is the one that most resembles its former self. Long ago, they have become pariahs of the Triclon race for their aggression and martial traditions. When the Galaxy went all downhill, they were the only commonwealth to offer creation of a united army, but the council refused. They did not want to provoke aggression of other races, but many commonwealths had to pay with their people’s lives for this decision.


Some of the most common Triclon words and definitions

  • Aisinwal, the Golden Warrior – second moon of the Triclon home world, named after a fierce and resolute companion of their Goddess. Legends told that he protected the weak and executed rightful judgments of the Goddess.
  • Atgosh – damned, bastard.
  • Keysom – formal title of a military commander, used by civilians.
  • Lealeera – the Dreamsinger. Title of the high priestess, keeper of the Clan’s memories.
  • Orivelle the Harbinger of Woe – legendary Triclon prophet that foretold the fall of the civilization, an age of darkness and a new start. She lived long before Triclons started traveling in space, so only high hierarchy of the church and Aisor Kaella took her prophesy seriously.
  • Samet – formal title used by soldiers to address their commander.
  • Selma at Gor – the Fire Dancers.
  • Sogennalim the Silver Counselor – second moon of the Triclon home world, named after a counselor and diplomat, companion of the Goddess. Eternally searching for a compromise between gods and demons, Sogennalim was also the teacher and protector of Triclons. He gave them the first knowledge and the ability to sing dreams.

Three main Triclon factions

  • Somu ut Maleeron Kaella – Children of the Moon Water. Largest faction, keepers of the Triclon legacy and incarnation of the race’s philosophy.


  • Gasonga yr Aisor Kaella- Children of the Blazing Sun. Exiles of the Triclon civilization, that professed isolation from the Tutor influence right from the start, and thus branded as extremists, radicals and terrorists. Famous for suspicion towards anything and anyone. Aisor Kaella are led not by priestesses or king, but by generals.


  • Sinora Carekoval – Children of the Stars.  Nomads that exiled themselves for the loss of their home worlds. Believing in non-violence and being completely pacifistic, they wait for a day when all races will unite for prosperous and peaceful co-existence as a single civilized entity. Among Triclons, the people of Sinora are considered religious fanatics. Sinora clan leaders cannot share and sing dreams, but possess limited abilities of foresight.


  • My Elder Sisters – form of address used by Sinora clan leaders to address Lealeeras.



  • Diver – an experimental ship built or upgraded with extensive use of Asgar technologies. Such ships are capable of almost undetectable hyperspace transitions and high hyper-speed. They are excellent vessels for supply line raids and sabotage actions deep inside the enemy territory.


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