New word in wargame modeling

Free pose Shork tribal warrior is the new word in wargame modeling, and provides you with real opportunity to customize your army in your own unique way. General Information: Shorks are omnivorous amphibians with well-developed muscular system and excellent reflexes. They live mainly on islands or along shorelines, and continue to grow throughout their lives as fish, from which they originate. In the Seit force Shorks are used as shock troops. Armored in a power suit that provides protection and a camouflage systems, using their immense strength Shorks tribal warriors crush the first line of defense of any foe, allows the Seit drones to finish the job. Weapons of the Shorks: Weapons of the Shorks are the hi-tech copy of the weapon used by Shorks in their homeworld, taken by the Seits and modified using advanced plasma technology: Plasma talons – the most common weapon in the Shorks units. Used to fight against multiply enemies and also allows shork to parry blows. Plasma tomahawks – used by Shork Berserkers one is each hand. With this weapon Shork can destroy any foe armored or not is he gets close enough. Plasma sword – also called Hapesh was a weapon of the civilization totally annihilated by Seits – Alatri. Alatri was a proud nation, fought to the last living soul and so was destroyed. The Shorks was deeply impressed by the valor of the Alatri and take their weapons to honor the great warriors. Plasma Glaive – weapon only given to the best is Shork warrior society, as a Hapesh it was a weapon of Alatri. Glaive is a terrifying weapon, able to crush armor and kill smaller enemies by dozens in one swing, Shork Warlord with this weapon is one of the most dangerous fighters in the galaxy.

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