Knights against Shorks (rescue of astroborne infantry)

“The team’s toast!” exclaimed the voice in Fernand’s ears. “A whole pack of shorks is catching up.”

“Damn! Where is their transport?”

“Did not make it through and…”

“Give me the tactical map…” Fernand evaluated the situation, and he barked: “Get us back there.”

“Are you nuts… sir?”

“I said, turn around! Now! Without us they’re dead!”

“Yes, sir,” said the pilot.

The heavy car ran engines and dashed sharply to the river.

“Cossack, it’s Fox.” Fernand said when he switched to the external channel, “Cossack, do you read me?

“I read you,” screeched Maxim’s voice through the static, “We’re totally screwed.”

“That’s true,” the caper roared, “we are on the approach. Keep moving. Greyhound and I will intercept the pursuers.”

“We can provide covering fire.”

“Negative, you get them out. We will manage by ourselves.”

“Fernand, are you sure?” the knight probably bent his eyebrow, but that could not be seen because of the armor.

“Well, nobody expects this from us.”

“For sure.”

The two knights tracked the group’s movement, pursuers and their own shuttle on their tactical displays.

“Bloody hell…” exhaled Fernand, “Six…”

“And they’re really fast,” Greyhound commented.

“We won’t be able to smoke them,” the pilot exclaimed, “the trees are too thick.”

“And that won’t be necessary,” Escobede waved. “Marcus, drop us over that creek.”

“Yes, sir.” answered the pilot.

“Let’s go kill some toothed bastards!” Greyhound rattled and raised his pollaxe.

“Let’s go,” nodded the knight in red armor and took out his sword.

Blades of the weapons flared with thin strips of red plasma. After reading the command through the armor’s interface, the shuttle opened the hatch.

“On my mark!”



Two knights jumped out through an open port.

“I don’t like this idea anymore!” Fernand shouted.

“So you stopped liking it just now?” asked Greyhound.

Two three-ton armors reached the surface almost instantly. Their gyroscopes aligned the systems, and jet engines compensated for inertia. Two knights stood in creek where the water barely reached their knees.

“Oh, and where are the enemies? – asked the Fernand by transferring his breath after landing.

“There they are…” Greyhound said, closing his back to his brother.

“All six.”

“And two of them champions”

“It seems to me that I’m tired of somewhere.”


Six shorks abandoned pursuit of a group of astroborne infantry. Two knights were a more considerable prey. Primitive instincts of the fighters prevailed.

“Fernand, please remind me why we got here?”

“Kaa and Cossack captured a Seit.”

“Ah… well then, we have to kill the shorks fast and catch up with our friends,” – Yuriy intercepted the poleaxe with two hands, “I don’t want them to get all the glory.”

Meanwhile, the shork leader realized something and ordered two champions to attack the Imperial paladins, while sending the rest to chase the other humans.

“Wrong move splitting up, guys,” Fernand smiled fiercely.

“Let’s roll!”

The two knights went towards the shork champions whose armors were covered by dozens of markings signifying victories.

The knight armor is an artificial product and their design and parameters are different, however, have certain common features.

Height: 3.2 / 3.5 meters

width: 2.0 / 2.2 meters

weight: from two tons

The exoskeleton shoulders are enlarged and create additional haze. The helmet of the armor is drowned into the body. The helmet is a uninhabited sensor tower featuring in the form of a helmet “frog head” or less “armlet”. Very rare option – “saled”

From hand weapons, these are analogues of medieval prototypes with a plasma warfare. swords, axes, halberds and poleaxe.

Firearms are heavy systems such as:

Rapid Laser Cannon, powerful plasma Saris, Gauss Guns.

All these systems are made in the form of different weapons and the knight can use them wearing on the forearm.

Also, the system can be occupied by active protection in the form of a magnetic shield generator.

The backpack contains not only power supplies and also the equipment for mounting one of the systems: launch turrets for anti-tank missiles, grenade launcher, jet propulsion engines for landing from orbit.

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