History of the Universe Verge Of War (0 – 1380 IO)

Dates are according to the Earth’s standard calendar.

The zero years. A mysterious power threatens the Galaxy’s very existence. Its appearance is named “Incursion of the Others”. Some stars begin to fade, and some are extinguished forever. All forces of the Asgar empire are thrown against the new enemy.

450 IO – The war ends in a pyrrhic victory for the Asgar, incursion is stopped, but they lose many territories in the process and their armies and fleets are nearly non-existent.

1096 IO – A smaller galaxy collides with the Milky Way. That is when Seit arrive, bringing Shorks with them.

1256 IO – The Seit expansion begins, while Asgar remain silent. Jawgs fall the first victim.

1278 IO – Eltofa start their expansion.

1315 IO – The first Skrag Trade War begins.

1370 IO – Kja start their expansion.

1380 IO – Galactic Council is no more. A united Triclon state also ceases to exist and splits into isolated fragments of several kingdoms that have even less forces to resist the Seit aggression.

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