Damned bugs are intelligent enough to pose a threat to our civilization! We have to do this before they do it to us. Exterminate.”


Scrag corporation director

General information:

ARACHNIDS (hives) are an advanced civilization of arthropods that slowly spread across the Galaxy. Their colonies are few, but they possess complicated technologies and their advance is unremitting.


Arachnids are large highly advanced arthropods with well-developed organs and brains.

At the head of each planet is the most intelligent queen. Society has a strict caste division, and each creature assumes different roles during the course of its life. The only cradle-to-grave caste is warriors.

Political order:

Each planet is a separate hive ruled by a queen. When new queens are born a struggle for power begins, and only one of them will survive.

Occasionally, if more than one queen survives and if the hive allows for that, swarms split. The weaker queens take their part of the swarm away to found a new colony. Less than half of such exiles survive, but those who do completely change the colony’s ecosystem. They exterminate all life that was there before them, if there was any.

This is what arachnids are famous for: absolute intolerance for any alien life forms.


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