Seit Commander on a War Platform and Command Drones

Physiology and appearance Seit are slender humanoids up to 1,5 meters high, with pale gray skin. They are physically weak and have large heads with small mouths and large black eyes. It is not known if they evolved in such a way naturally or enhanced themselves, but all Seit are powerful telepaths. Advanced brain allows them to process several complex tasks simultaneously. In combat the Seit cannot rely on strength or agility, so they use others to wage their wars. Lesser races are subdued by direct telepathic control or overwhelmed by Seit intellect’s colossal power.

The Seit themselves are low height and tenuous humanoids possessing superior psionic power, as well as advanced technologies. When they need brute force they prefer to use races controlled by them, such as Shorks, or to create bio-organisms of their own design, such as Raptors, which they control mentally.

To expand their mental control zone the Seit use special command drones called “Nohtav gules”, which is translated as “Hand of Mind”.

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