Seits: Killer Drone “Raiksyly”

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– Fire support for other units.
– Elimination of lightly armored enemy targets and infantry.
– Autonomous sniper position.
Armament options:
– high power plasma gun. Right side mount. Anti-tank weapon.
– two rapid-firing plasma cannons. Anti-personnel weapon.
– high power long-range laser. Right side mount. Sniper weapon that leaves no trace in the visual spectrum.



“We don’t go into those ruins. Death is lurking there.”
Daarnid dru Waarg, Eltofa commander
Raiksyly (“Sudden death” in Seit language) is an unmanned combat vehicle, designed for ambushes, sniping and sabotage actions behind enemy lines.
These small spider-like drones are equipped with cloaking devices and are highly autonomous, capable of independently operating on rough terrain or in built-up areas for long periods of time. Special propulsion system allows them to move stealthily and fix themselves on virtually any surface. Raiksyly drones are well-known across the Galaxy as a threat that the Seit leave behind when they retreat: to slow down the enemy’s advance and act behind their lines. Alternatively, they may be deployed with vanguard units of Raptors to destabilize situation on a planet. And if Raptors are a threat that’s relatively easy to track down and destroy, hunting for killer drones may last for years, during which Raiksyly drones will strike from shadows again and again.

Raiksyly weapons:
Laser emitters – a rapid-fire weapon system for suppressing enemy infantry from concealed
Plasma cannon – a weapon for dealing with lightly-armored vehicles and light fortifications.
Maser cannon – a type of laser that does not leave traces in the visible spectrum. Masers
are used for sniper, anti-sniper and sabotage operations.

This set includes 11 parts and comes with a 40-mm base. It also contains a special scenery
base. The set allows to assemble one Raiksyly Killer Drone from the Seit Aggression force
with three weapon options.

All miniatures come unassembled, unpainted and will require assembly.


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