Raptor Hunting Pack

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Hunting raptors: biological weapons, reptiles genetically modified by the Seit for close combat and terror action in the enemy's rear. They are armed with teeth and claws and protected by pseudo-chitinous shells, capable of changing color depending on the environment.

These intelligent and aggressive predators are unleashed upon planets that cannot be actively bombarded or assaulted.  And these monsters just hunt. No army or defense system is able to ensure safety of the civilian population, when their enemy is a predatory beast that hunts to kill and feed. They sow fear, break the enemy’s will and demoralize its rears.

The height of the miniature is 45 mm.

All miniatures come unassembled, unpainted and will require assembly.


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Referred to as "Raikh soto" - "Awe bringers" in the Seit language, among humans these creatures are known as raptors. They are genetically engineered carnivores that the Seit use for terror actions and raids to weaken planet's defenses.

Hunting is raptor's basic instinct, and they act in packs, quickly becoming the planet's apex predators that terrorize civilian population and disrupt infrastructure. Planetary defence forces have to waste a lot of time, effort and resources to neutralize them, which allows the Seit to subdue the weakened world easily.

The set consists of 25 parts and allows to assemble 3 raptors in different poses. One of them can be assembled with distinguishable features of the pack's alpha.

The set also includes three 40 mm bases.

The height of the miniature is 45 mm.

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Dimensions 17.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 cm


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