Astroborne Infantry Squad with “Mule” FWP

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Astroborne mobile infantry is the backbone of the mankind’s army. They go into battle beside knights and heavily armored units, serve on ships and guard outposts.

The height of the Astrobornes miniatures is 38 mm, the height of the  miniature”Mule” FWP – 48 mm

 All miniatures come unassembled, unpainted and will require assembly.

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Mobile infantry is the backbone of the human military. Equipped with protective exoskeletons and armed with effective weapons, possessing combat experience throughout the history of mankind and genetically predisposed to war - is a force to be reckoned with.

The MA4 a5 Mobile infantry armor is a standard issue closed circuit armored exoskeleton. Granting protection against hazardous environments, it also controls the operator’s status and is capable of providing automated first aid. The suit also has an extensive sensor array to monitor tactical situation. Besides that, each MA4 a5 is equipped with a rebreather with 4 hours’ worth supply of oxygen, a 5-liter water tank and a power supply unit granting 80 hours of autonomous operation

Colt M6a3 laser rifle is the infantry’s best friend. Each one comes with an underbarrel 20-mm launcher. And of course this complex and modular high-tech weapon system cannot show its true potential without a targeting computer synchronized with the infantryman’s armor. Soldiers can see what their rifles see and they don’t need to aim down the sights to shoot accurately, as they always have a crosshair projected into their visors.

Humanity’s infantrymen are capable of performing various functions on the battlefield, be it defense, assault or securing objectives. To ensure such versatility each squad has a drone that serves as a transporter, mobile cover and fire support platform. 

The set consists of 88 parts and allows you to assemble a FWP drone with different types of weapons and a squad of 2 riflemen and a sergeant.

The set includes one 60 mm base and three 30 mm bases.

The height of the Astrobornes miniatures is 38 mm, the height of the  miniature"Mule" FWP - 48 mm


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