Main Unmanned Tank М4А2 “Hound”

“Marcus, where are my pups?” asked Oksana impatiently.

“On my way,” snapped the pilot, “there are some traffic jams up here if you haven’t noticed.”

“What’s up there in the sky is your goddamn business,” replied Oksana, “but our guys need armor on the ground ASAP!”

“We’re coming in.”

“Got it, the channel is through!” Oksana immediately regained composure and switched on her sergeant’s holo-panels, assuming control of four tanks. Command APC’s interior lit up with data streams and feeds from surveillance cameras.

“Okay, pups, get ready.”

Oksana issued commands for ignition and cannon warm-up, and then all she had to do was waiting and looking at the tactical map.

Astroborne positions caved in to an unrelenting advance of the Eltofa. Damn cows were close to breaking through the front line, but two triangles designating Griffon transports approached to their flank. Armored transports throttled down and flew low to avoid enemy fire.

“We’re at the drop zone!” as Marcus’ voice sounded, the hangars filled with red light.

“Unleash the hounds!” Oksana roared, ordering the tanks to disembark, and they launched from the ramps, engines revving.

“Good hunting,” said Marcus, sending Griffons on a return course, away from the danger zone.

Oksana did not hear him, as her attention was fully drawn to controlling the tanks. Quickly assigning targets and plotting attack vectors, the sergeant lead her platoon towards the enemy flank, to strike Eltofa strider behemoths from the side. Enormous heavily armored walkers carried devastating weapons and were well protected, but could not maneuver rapidly.

The first Eltofa tank got four hits, lost two legs and fell on its side. After that Oksana split her four agile vehicles into two squads of two and raced along the enemy formation. The second Eltofa tank lost two front legs and dug headfirst into the ground.

Soon enough the cows managed to react and sent their lighter vehicles from reserve to intercept.

“So now we’re playing serious…” said Oksana, clenched and unclenched her fists several times and ordered her platoon to take an evasive maneuver. Then she dragged the first tank’s command panel closer, touched its controls and assumed direct manual command.

“I’m ready. Load HE.”


Main Unmanned Tank М4А2 “Hound”

 Main battle tank of the Earth’s military. An agile and fast vehicle, remotely controlled by a human operator. The tank can also function in a stand-alone mode, executing the onboard AI’s commands.

While having lighter armor than most of its other races’ rivals of the same class, Hounds rely on speed, agility and firepower superiority.


- Ground clearance: 440 mm

- Running gear: treads

- Length 5,120 mm (hull)

- Height 2,030 mm

- Width: 2,400 mm

- Weight: 42 tons

- Armor: Gen 9 composite + modular protection, active countermeasures, heat and EM traps.


- Autonomous system AI

- Remote control system


- Main cannon: 105 mm rail cannon with armor piercing and HE + phosphorus shells.

- Two rapid-fire heavy beamers, caliber: 20 mm, 150 kW per pulse


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