Astroborne after the Battle

Humans: Astroborne after the Battle

“So, Mike, how’s our babe?” the sergeant opened her helmet’s visor and sat down on a standard issue cargo container.

“Things are sucky, Gabriella,” exhaled the tech putting aside the diagnostic tab and looking up to the sky, “It needs cooler system switches, and oil replacement, filters are clogged with sand for shit.”

“Meaning we have no fire support?”

“Not that bad” waved Mike, “No beamer, true, cause the rotor bearings are dead, but I can mount a missile launcher instead.”

“Fine, do it.”

“Gabriella, your coffee,” said another soldier bending over a tripod above the fire.

“Finally!” exclaimed the sergeant “I am ready to kill for a cup of coffee.”

“Better be ready to share,” replied another astroborne with an officer’s insignia on his armor.

“Lieutenant on deck!” immediately reacted Gabriella.

“As you were,” replied the officer, “Do you have some coffee to spare?”

“Yes, sir!” the girl poured another cup of fragrant drink.

The soldiers settled near external surveillance monitors.

“Any news from higher up?” asked the sergeant.

“News…” the lieutenant took a sip, “The word is to dig in and wait. Fleets are stuck on geostationary orbit and for no we’re refining our fortification building skills.”

“At least,” Gabriella shrugged, “we don’t have to hold the line against countless waves of Seit cannon fodder.”

“True,” the lieutenant smiled grimly “You smoke?”

“Hell yeah” nodded the sergeant, “What else do we get to do besides smoking and staring at the sky. Guessing what awaits us. Freaking seit even brought their raptors here, like there’s no one left out there beyond the line.”

“Yes. We sit and watch the storm front, waiting for a thunderclap.”

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