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Astroborne Mobile Infantry

Astroborne mobile infantry is the backbone of the mankind’s army. They go into battle beside knights and heavily armored units, serve on ships and guard outposts. They cannot vaporize entire continents like spaceships do, but they don’t need to. Mobile infantry exists for its own purpose and fits it perfectly Mobile infantry units permanently stationed…
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FWP 12 AI1 Drone (“Mule”)

Field Weapon Platform 12 is an infantry support drone that carries heavy weapons, additional equipment and a battery charging system, as well as an oxygen compressor, and any other ammunition that a mobile infantry squad may need in a long raid. It can also carry heavy tactical shields. Mule is an essential asset of the…
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General Information Humanity is a relatively young civilization among the stellar nations. But ambitious and audacious as hell. Born in the little-studied sector of the Universe, mankind presented itself to the galactic community as a strong and self-sufficient nation with a powerful military force and balanced economy capable of affording a mighty stellar fleet. Political…
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