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Self-propelled Unmanned Artillery М101 “Scorpion”

 “So that’s it?” general August Mondier said skeptically, “I expected them to be larger.” Technical staff and engineers froze and stared at the commission that included a dozen of people in military uniforms and official clothes. Several minutes earlier hangar C845 was a mess: everyone rushed around during final preparations before the demonstration. Now they…
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Astroborne after the Battle

Humans: Astroborne after the Battle “So, Mike, how’s our babe?” the sergeant opened her helmet’s visor and sat down on a standard issue cargo container. “Things are sucky, Gabriella,” exhaled the tech putting aside the diagnostic tab and looking up to the sky, “It needs cooler system switches, and oil replacement, filters are clogged with…
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Squire ( Knight)

Being a nobleman means being the first. The first one to step on the battlefield and the last one to leave it. Such is a philosophy that the Empire professes giving privileges and wealth to nobility. Of course, this does not always work, and not everywhere, and colossal space distances only increase feudal fragmentation. But…
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