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Raptor hatchlings

Raptor hatchlings is it is the youngest of the Raptors. Zalgirny science group developed the improvement to the raptor genes allowing the hatchling skin to reach its maximum strength before maturity, it increases the hatchling survival rate by 20% which pleases the Seit a lot As an artificially created organism Raptors breed at extremely high…
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New word in wargame modeling

[embed][/embed] Free pose Shork tribal warrior is the new word in wargame modeling, and provides you with real opportunity to customize your army in your own unique way. General Information: Shorks are omnivorous amphibians with well-developed muscular system and excellent reflexes. They live mainly on islands or along shorelines, and continue to grow throughout their…
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History of the Universe Verge Of War (2061 – 2228 IO)

2061 IO – Events described in the “Wings of Icarus” short story. First human hyperspace jump. Within 2 years, humanity launches a stellar expansion to broaden its life-space. 2110-2127 IO – The first colonial war where Earth tries to seize control over the separate colonies that considered themselves completely independent. A great state reform, what…
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