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Technically, knight armor is a fully airtight humanoid combat mech inside which there is an armored capsule where the pilot is lying with crossed hands. This is where the nickname of the knights - pharaohs - comes from. Each knight's exoskeleton is a unique complex and in fact is a custom-made product. All of them…
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Griffon 22-4 Story

A limited contingent of the human 9th Fleet is sent to the Griffon 22 system to establish an outpost. Nearing the fourth planet they encounter a battlegroup of Seit ships that escort landing craft. A covert operation turns into a full-fledged battle for the planet, and both sides manage to land their troops. The fighting…
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Tournaments and Events

We see tournaments and narrative events as means of telling the story of VERGE and expanding the universe with your help. Here is what we plan for the nearest future. Tournaments Within Tournament seasons, there will be two types of events: - Major events organized by IFG - Local tournaments organized by players Several times a…
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