IFS is a simple and objective system that allows players to influence and shape the Verge of War Universe.
The system provides Universe Shaping Point (USP) to each player registered in our system, and thus the factions they represent. If a player owns several armies belonging to different factions, USP are credited separately for each faction. The initial zones of influence are defined by the game’s authors.

How USPs work?

A gaming season lasts 1 year and contains 3 “Splits” and a Cease-fire, according to a time of year. A season begins in spring, ends in autumn, and during winter we gather and analyze the season’s results. We also release materials reflecting changes in the background, make preparations for the next season, update armies and advance the rules. During each Split, the fate of a galactic segment will be decided. The theater of operations is defined by the authors of the universe and announced at the beginning of the game season. At the end of the season, it will either pass under control of one of the attacking factions or remain in the hands of its initial owners.

Defending and attacking factions are indicated by the authors before the split begins. If your faction is not an attacking faction, you can take any side of the conflict and the points collected by you will be added to the score of the chosen side.

The outcome of a Split is determined by the results of the games and tournaments held by the community during its period .

How the outcome is determined:
– If the total number of USP points scored by the faction exceeds 75% of the total sum of points collected during a Split, it is considered the winner and captures the specified sector.

– If the total number of USP points collected by the faction is 60-75% of the total sum of points collected for Split, the faction is the dominant one in this sector, but the sector is not completely captured.

– If the total number of USP points accumulated by the faction is 50-60%, the sector remains under control of its previous owners.

– In case if the controlling faction gets more than 60% of the points, it repelled the initial assault and launches a counter-attack. During the next Split featuring this galactic sector this side will be the attacker.

– In case participants gain 25-40%, territories in the sector will be distributed among such factions, according to the initially designated segments.

– Factions that scored less than 20% of the points do not receive controlled zones in the sector. Their operation failed.

How to score USPs?

There are three ways to score USPs.

1. Participation in official tournaments for which we issue a special code. Depending on the number of participants, the number of points will be defined.

2. Battle reports with pictures provide 10 USP. Battle reports with videos provide 50 USP.

3. Battle reports with pictures and background stories, from single games or narrative campaigns. Such games are special large-scale battles that are better to run between teams of players. 

Verge Of WAr TOurnAmentS

Tournaments are the main way to get USP points.

The total number of UPS for a tournament is determined by the number of participants. The minimum number of participants is 6.

For each participant, the tournament pool gets + 100 points. Thus, if there are 10 people participating in the tournament, the total pool of points is 1000. These points are distributed in increasing progression from the last place to the first, where the last place in the tournament gets 1% of the total points.

For example:

1 place. 190

2. 170

3. 150

4. 130

5. 110

6. 90

7. 70

8. 50

9. 30

10. 10

So the greater the number of participants in a tournament, the more influence it has on the Verge of War Universe.

Personal glory

Following the results of each game season (once a year), a book will be published in which the results of each Split will be described as an update to the lore, and their final impact on the history of the of Verge of War Universe.

Players whose accounts have the most USP during the season will have the opportunity to become characters of this book, with their names indicated in the table of contents. If the account contains all the required data, (Galactic State, Faction, Lieutenant’s name), then all this data will be processed and written down in the game’s background. At the end of the season, all characters and lieutenant progress will be wiped. Those who have achieved personal glory will get a bonus. Most likely you will meet them in Narrative Games and Campaigns. The rest are transferred to other divisions and sectors and should work on their career again.


First, the sector of operations and the key points for which the battle is being fought are defined.

For example, we have a sector that is located ON A KEY HYPERSPACE ROUTE, which consists of three stellar systems, each of which contains key objects and nebulas.

Each system contains a habitable planet (GREEN).

Inhospitable worlds with important resources (BROWN)

And a space station (SILVER).  


Next we indicate direction from which the forces of the participants in the battle enter this sector. If a faction does not participate in this operation, players are free to join the battle on any side. (The second name next to the arrow.)

Factions can even fight on several opposing sides.

Territories over which a faction received control will be distributed according to the operation results.

In this example forces battle for one key system with a few different planets.

In the end only one force managed to gain control over the system. But this was not a total victory: some forces managed to dig in at outposts of the system. From there they can threaten the winner. Or abandon these position without a fight bargaining certain preferences from the winner.


Why would I want to start all over again for the third year in a row?

We system grows, nothing is set in stone. Armies and factions receive updates, new units are released. Each season players will have to devise a new optimal configuration of skills. In addition, we do not freeze those skills forever. We will constantly work on the system thoroughly to promote and develop.

If you have any ideas, questions or notices  – just drop us a note vergeofwar@gmail.com