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"Verge of War is in beta currently and soon to launch their Kickstarter. However, it was their models that first directed my attention their way. Their Raptor miniatures looked just amazing and they were my first look at what they had going on over at Integrity First Games..."

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Gary Krieger, https://natfka.blogspot.com/

"Got my first order and very impressed with the quality of the mins - few more pieces that I expected but it looks good.

All came quickly and well packaged as well with nice boxes and even some posters.

Quick snap to get an idea of size / pieces.


Charles Lister, cel_16@hotmail.com

Funding on Kickstarter from 21 August 2018 to 14 September 2018, Verge of War is a Sci-Fi Skirmish Wargame where various factions fight over territory in the Milky Way far in the future. Eventually featuring 10 different factions with their own unique way of playing, the Kickstarter will be focusing on the opening campaign where the forces of Humanity clashes with the forces of the Seit, a powerful race of insidious psykers.

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