Complete set of Raptors

At the request of our customers, we have prepared a special offer! A complete set of Raptors - 13 miniatures.

These intelligent and aggressive predators are unleashed upon planets that cannot be actively bombarded or assaulted. And these monsters just hunt. No army or defense system is able to ensure safety of the civilian population, when their enemy is a predatory beast that hunts to kill and feed. They sow fear, break the enemy’s will and demoralize its rears.
They are armed with teeth and claws and protected by pseudo-chitinous shells, capable of changing color depending on the environment.
Raptor hatchlings is it is the youngest of the Raptors. Zalgirny science group developed the improvement to the raptor genes allowing the hatchling skin to reach its maximum strength before maturity, it increases the hatchling survival rate by 20% which pleases the Seit a lot

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