Intelligent Feedback System (IFS). How USPs work?

We continue to talk about the Intelligent Feedback System (IFS).
The system provides Universe Shaping Point (USP) to each player registered in our system, and thus the factions they represent.

How USPs work?
A gaming season lasts 1 year and contains 3 “Splits” and a Cease-fire, according to a time of year. A season begins in spring, ends in autumn, and during winter we gather and analyze the season’s results. We also release materials reflecting changes in the background, make preparations for the next season, update armies and advance the rules. During each Split, the fate of a galactic segment will be decided. The theater of operations is defined by the authors of the universe and announced at the beginning of the game season. At the end of the season, it will either pass under control of one of the attacking factions or remain in the hands of its initial owners.
Defending and attacking factions are indicated by the authors before the split begins. If your faction is not an attacking faction, you can take any side of the conflict and the points collected by you will be added to the score of the chosen side.

The outcome of a Split is determined by the results of the games and tournaments held by the community during its period .
Next time we will talk about How to score USPs and Verge of War Tournaments! Stay turn!

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