History of the Universe Verge Of War (2061 – 2228 IO)

2061 IO – Events described in the “Wings of Icarus” short story. First human hyperspace jump. Within 2 years, humanity launches a stellar expansion to broaden its life-space.

2110-2127 IO – The first colonial war where Earth tries to seize control over the separate colonies that considered themselves completely independent. A great state reform, what was an Empire on paper becomes Confederate States of the Earth headed by the Emperor. Codes regulating rights and obligations of the nobility are issued.

2180-2193 IO – The second colonial war. Only a part of colonies closest to Earth recognized the Emperor’s reign and the rest formed their own commonwealths. Several powerful unions join forces to seize power on Earth. However, selfless and decisive actions of Raymond Visioner allow Earth to emerge victorious. Humanity’s status changes.

Seit launch a massive offensive against Triclons. The last of the free Triclon colonies are devastated, and Triclons become exiles with no home or hope for the future.

2210 IO – Foundation of the Third Horizon. New colonial legislation. Forming of free human colonies. According to the Greenwal Charter (named after the colony that was the first to receive such rights), colonies receive greater autonomy in exchange for support of the human race’s unity in global perspective, and a common economic space is established. However, not all colonies agree to such conditions.

2220 IO – Events described in the “Edge of Light” book. First encounter between Seit and Humanity at outpost 30-05. Duke Raymond Visioner is victorious once again, but this victory is far from final. Seit forces retreat, beaten, but not wiped out, whereas the human outpost is destroyed. Seit also receive a massive amount of intelligence on the human forces and fleets. Heir to the Triclon throne seeks shelter in the Human Empire.

2225 IO – Humanity becomes a member of the Galactic community. This is the year when Lady Athene and Bastee arrive on Earth.

2226 IO – Events described in the “Knight of the Empire” book.


2228 IO – Events described in the “Privateer of the Empire” book.

2232 IO – Events of the “Prophecy” short story.

2234 IO – The Griffon 22-4 incident, “Rescue Mission” short story.


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