History of the Universe Verge Of War (1380-2008 IO)

1380 IO – Galactic Council is no more. A united Triclon state also ceases to exist and splits into isolated fragments of several kingdoms that have even less forces to resist the Seit aggression.

1420 IO – The second Skrag Trade War begins and expansion campaigns grind to a halt. All powers instead start searching for the mysterious Asgar Sword. Different races send their emissaries to the Forbidden Sector, but none of them returns.

1561 IO – The Seit expedition approaches Earth but is intercepted by Asgar ships.

1703 IO – Seit attempt to invade Rungar colonies and fail.

1754 IO – Rungar retaliation attempt. Fails.

1845 IO – The third Skrag Trade War.

1910 IO – The first records of encounters with the Dead Machines on a planet orbiting the Stolen Star.

2008 IO – Lady Athene establishes a base to block the shortest routes to Earth.


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