Asgar in action (Kyleera’s Revenge)

 Kyleera has had enough. Non-intervention policy. Ignoring actions of some lowly jackals. While Odingir ruled, they were afraid to open their mouths, but now plunder the lost Asgar colonies. Prey on her people’s legacy! Since when we no longer need those worlds and have no one to live there? That’s ours! Younger races need to know their place.

Intercepting a plunderer ship was not a problem for an asgar fighter. Neither was breaching its hull. Marauders insisted that they are a scientific expedition, but Kyleera did not care. They stole from her world and had to be punished for that. A part of the crew that put up a resistance was reduced to dust by grav-lances. So much time passed, but the young races still could not invent a decent protection against grav weapons or a weapon that could pierce grav-shields. Pathetic scum.

“Stop, I beg you!” said the head of the expedition with the autotranslator’s artificial voice, “We had no idea this world belongs to someone. There must have been a mistake… We never received any warning… Your leaders approved…”

“Reading enemy activity”, mentally reported one of the Hecatoncheires, highlighting armed enemies on the tactical display, as they moved into positions in the hall.

Kyleera grinned and grav-shields flashed with power facets as they activated following her mental order and unfolded like wings.

“Hetairoi, - her clean and vibrant voice commanded, - Get my property back!”

Robots immediately spread out, acquiring targets.


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