A Pirate Plan

“Why the hell do we have to listen to this damn squeaker?” asked the Skrag angrily. The lizard was mighty unhappy with the fact that a feathered scoundrel was their point man.

“Oh, not again” replied an enormous Eltofa in a deep voice and waved one of the upper hands at him “You’re just jealous cause it was not you who stole the map. Let Gyp lead. Everyone will have their share.”

“Or maybe Krozghar wanted it for himself to flee to his clan” hissed the human.

“What did you say, softskin?!” the lizard exploded with anger.

Krozghar’s armored fist hit the wall right where the human stood a split-second ago. But the void raider knew well whom he pokes at, so he dodged using his jetpack right before the lizard punched.

“Well, I’ll really make you jump now!” roared Krozghar, taking his blaster off safety.

But a plasma blade of a giant khopesh melted the stone wall a few centimeters away from Krozghar. The lizard looked at an enormous shork, whose armor was covered in clan insignias and ornaments expressing loyalty to the captain.

“Enough!” everyone heard the voice of the captain, human in a heavy armor, “Are defense systems here not enough?”

“He doubted my loyalty and has to pay for that!”

“That’s for me to decide,” replied the captain harshly and then looked at the void raider, “Simon, I still need you, so don’t pick fights just yet.”

“As you say, cap’n!” smiled Simon.

“Today’s your lucky day, softskin!” hissed Krozghar.

“Hey guys!” a Kija in a suit of light armor with colorful patches appeared from a dark opening, “I’ve found the right corridor while you’ve been busy bumping titties. Let’s get going, you’ll have time to wreck each other’s face when we’re back on the ship!”

“Brilliant,” nodded the captain and commanded, shifting gaze at the shork, “Ghal, gather the rest. Looks like I am gonna get rich today.”



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