The Kja Kingdom

These jump-up bastards believe they’ve got a right to decide for everyone, but they have less savvy than I did on the day I was born.”

Eltofa Patriarch

General information

The Kja Kingdom is one of the young yet extremely ambitious civilizations. When it became clear that Asgar won’t interfere, Kja were the first to restore “justice”.

Their lives are comparatively short, but they develop and learn fast.


Kja evolved from birds, and are light and fast. Due to faster metabolism they grow rapidly and their average life-span is about 50 years, but in exchange they get lightning reflexes and the ability to move quickly.

Kja have hollow and thin bones, and are lightly-built, so without brute force advantage they mostly rely on speed.


Political order

The Kja state is a conglomerate of kingdoms ruled by the High King.

Each king relies on his noble houses and can act independently. Any king has a right to expand his domain as much as he can. If a kingdom faces a problem it can’t handle on its own, it summons the other kingdoms to aid it.

This makes negotiations with Kja ineffective, because even if the High King agrees to something, the other kings may not comply with the terms of such agreement.

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