The Asgar civilization

General Information (History)

Asgar are one of the oldest races in the Galaxy. At the dawn of their age, ambitious and powerful Asgar waged wars against other civilizations and wiped them out. They’ve always acted in a cynical and violent way pursuing their own interests and satisfying their ego.

At certain point, the Asgar got used to playing gods, mentoring the younger races, giving more to ones and less to others. To see how some of the young races handle crises, the Asgar orchestrated cataclysms and observed. Not all managed to survive.

The Asgar founded the Galactic Council to control development and expansion of other civilizations, and everything worked as intended until disaster came.

Only heads of the Asgar Houses knew all details of the Invasion of the Others. This problem had to be kept secret, for gods are almighty, and none could know they aren’t. Asgar managed to win that war, but scars left by it were terrible: hundreds of devastated star systems. The terrible conflict weakened the Asgar civilization beyond recovery, transforming it into a broken shell of a once mighty galactic sovereign. For those who still cared about the fate of their people, a question arose: what if the Others return?


Lady Atene launched the Legacy project – an audacious endeavor to create an ultimate biological weapon. For this, she restricted access to an entire sector. She knew well that the Others would return, as all Asgar did. And they all understood that the hegemony did not have enough power to face this threat for the second time. Most of the Asgar became indifferent of everyone’s and their own future and decided to dedicate their long lives to experiencing as much pleasure and impressions as possible before the Galaxy dies. That is why most of them made little account or were completely apathetic about the Seit invasion and establishment of new order in the Galaxy. The Seit were not a threat to the Asgar civilization, and obviously, the Seit could not stop the Others when they strike again.


Atene was the only one who did not surrender. She worked on to create an absolute weapon and save her race from extinction. Internal conflicts of the Great Houses forced the Asgar to leave the planet where experiments took place, and for millennia, the weapon slowly evolved on its own.



Perpetual improvement of themselves and everything around them was the way of the Asgar. Genetic and cybernetic modifications led to the threshold of divinity.

All Asgar are powerful psionics, capable of telepathy and telekinesis.

An average Asgar is 2,2 to 2,5 meters tall.

They are beautiful, physically strong humanoids with pale skin, silver hair and blue eyes. Asgar immunity and regeneration are unmatched, thus they are nearly immortal. In fact, their bodies do get old in the course of extremely prolonged lifetime, but when the need arises, a new clone is created to host the same consciousness.

Some Asgar designed non-typical bodies for entertainment or special needs, and transferred their minds into them. For instance, Heron used a body that had a lower part of a horse.


Political Order

The Asgar society is ruled by a council of Great Houses, and its decisions are passed by the head of a ruling House. Now it is Dionysius of House Ella.

Known Houses:

Ella (Greek gods) – at present it’s the most powerful House, ruled by Dionysius, son of Zeus.

Ra (Egyptian gods) – once one of the greatest, now this House is almost inexistent.

As (Scandinavia) – an ancient House famous for its martial traditions.

Zarasg (Babylon) – nearly extinct.

Draco (China) – a House of great scientists and philosophers.






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