Rungar civilization

“While most races destroy, this one builds. But since they care only about themselves, what they’re building is going to become their tomb.”

Lady Atena


General information


Rungars are a race that does not speed itself up, and don’t strive for quantity. They are slow but purposeful. When they found a new colony, they don’t move on until it’s developed and fortified. They are the unhasting builders, great architects.



Rungars are small creatures that evolved from cave lizards, with remarkably big eyes and ears. They are not too strong physically, and their real power is their rigorous mathematical mind.


Political order

Rungar civilization exists as a union of corporations, led by a supreme board of directors. Each colony is owned by several corporations depending on the share that they invested during this colony’s foundation.

Armies are also private companies that conclude contracts with other companies and provide combat action services accordingly.



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