Pirates Аrmy

“We are a free fellowship of truly independent creatures. We respect each other and stand united for our liberty. Tell me, what is higher than that?”

Captain Markurig,

Thirty minutes before stealing Thirunga Brotherhood’s bounty.

Executed by Terrans.


Pirates are by no means a unified faction. They’re as far from a regular army as one can get, and still they definitely are a bane of the Galaxy.

Reasons for becoming a pirate are as numerous as pirates themselves. Some are exiles, some want to prove something, some are led by simple greed. Different gangs may have different motives, but they are still what they are: groups of criminals, ready to gather under a strong leader and try their luck.

However, facing determined opposition, they quickly lose will to fight.

Captains prefer to use crews and supplies that they can rely on, so in most cases captains make their own kind officers and use familiar wargear.

Some races are more common among the pirate fellowship than the others, and some cannot coexist on the same ship at all.

A good captain knows that while representatives of most species may be knuckled down by officers and boatswains, there are some that will go for one another’s throats no matter what.

Pirates are quite an irregular bunch, but still they have to gather at secret bases or outposts to plan massed operations, repair ships and sell stolen goods.

Thirunga Port: mostly famous for piracy on trade routes.

Zarzarah Port: the most violent fellowship out there. Plunderers, kidnappers and slavers that aren’t above anything.

Ranghera Port: the biggest slaver guild.

Almara Port: mercenaries, offering their services to anyone able to pay.


Captains mostly rely on equipment and weapons made by their own kind, but this hardware is usually worse than military standard-issue. And, of course, pirates are much less disciplined than regular troops.


Nothing stops humans from becoming pirates, and they get along with other races quite well. Human pirates have access to many technologies and a wide range of light weapons: almost any of those available to the Terran military, and even some knights become freebooters.


There is no confirmed evidence of Seit pirates. Only rumors and legends of some commanders gone rogue, but these come from highly unreliable sources. Still, as they say, there’s no smoke without fire…


The Asgar civilization has pariahs and exiles, but they usually don’t live too long, since Asgar know well that security of their borders depends on one thing: no one has access to their mysterious technology. Would they pursue somebody who refused to take the technological wonders of their race into exile is another question.



Some Shorks are smart enough to understand that their civilization is merely a tool, a toy in Seit hands. Still, Shorks are a primitive race and they either rebel and get killed or run away and become pirates. Shork captains’ access to Seit technologies is severely limited: they only get what they manage to steal while fleeing.



Another race used by the Seit. Being cynical, avaricious and slippery, they cooperate with Seit hoping to snatch a piece from the master’s table. But they’re not always patient enough to wait for handouts, so piracy has become quite a natural element of their own game. That said, Jawgs make precautions to not allow any leaks of Seit technologies and avoid unnecessary attention.



An ambitious and powerful race that mostly relies on speed and long-range combat. Kja pirates are exiles, criminals or smugglers, and due to their mentality, many Kja exile themselves voluntarily to join a pirate fellowship. Their technologies and hardware are sold to pirates just as freely as to anyone else, and Kja captains make good use of this.



Eltofa’s centrifugal management system does not leave much room for local piracy, but no one will reject opportunities away from native worlds. Eltofa become pirates for exactly the same reasons as all others. And unlike Kja or Humans they are not restricted by any moral codes: they come to make money and won’t stop before anything, as long as it grants profit. Eltofa captains usually have free access to technology and weapons of their race, but manpower is a problem: few Eltofa agree to leave comfort of their homes behind.



Favorites of the Asgar whose civilization was nearly destroyed by the Seit. Just like Kja, Triclons value speed and firepower, but their motive is not greed or lust for adventure. It is the blood thirst that leads them. Anger, desperation and appetite for revenge make Triclons do horrible things.

A Triclon captain will never allow Shorks or Jawgs on board. Their self-imposed isolation could make ammunition and supplies an issue, if not for the access to some nearly Asgar-grade tech.



Being a race of traders and pathfinders, Skrags have no tolerance for pirates. They hunt pirates down and exterminate mercilessly, and only a truly desperate Skrag can resort to piracy.

If this is the case, the whole clan usually severs all ties with its home and people and thus Skrag pirates have no access to weapons and hardware beside what they take into exile.



Purposeful and systematic Rungars see no harm in crippling their enemy’s trade routes. While Rungars themselves become pirates on extremely rare occasions since they are tied to their planets, hiring privateers and supplying them with intel, weapons and hardware is quite common.




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