Eltofa race

“Often folklore depicts a threat as a fearsome ruthless predator. But that is nothing compared to a herd of cows that suck planets dry, leaving behind nothing but desert. Only a real Predator can stand in their way.”

Soorgun Naimer, Scrag kashar

General information:

Eltofa are a hard-working and powerful race. They cooperate well and thus managed to start exploration of space fast, conducting an aggressive expansion policy right from the beginning. Eltofa advanced rapidly, acquiring new life-space and defeating opposing native life forms. Their population grew and planets were stripped of all valuable resources.

Galactic Council restrictions and warnings of the Asgar had to stop this expansion or at least slow it down. Eltofa needed to search for alternative, internal solutions of political and economic problems, but did not succeed. After several revolutions, epidemics and crises, colonies or entire sectors were devastated. However, their populations restored at frightening rates. Eventually Eltofa came to regarding the whole galactic community as a threat to their existence. Newly encountered races were labeled as bloodthirsty aggressors that intend to exterminate Eltofa. When the Asgar left, Eltofa fleets set out for another wave of expansion. Finally, there was a chance to satisfy their appetites.



Eltofa are about 3 meters tall.

They evolved from herbivores with six limbs and have two legs and four arms.

Eltofa also have rudimentary horns on their foreheads that they use in fights.

Their pregnancy period is prolonged, about 14 months and a child cannot be born without assistance.


Political order

The civilization is ruled by a council of patriarchs, at the head of which is the High Patriarch. It is a fully functional electoral democracy, where each member of the society has voting rights.

Elections are held every 25 years and last about a year because the process is slowed down by the constant expansion, and it takes much time for all the colonies to vote.

Eltofa have a centrifugal management system. The Council and the upper class are constantly on the move to the outer rim colonies where there’s plenty of food and resources. The homeworld and central worlds are the most neglected region of Eltofa territories. These planets are bled dry, deserted radioactive wastelands where only the poorest stay.

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