Humans: Lieutenant

...Sabrina settled down on a big boulder, with a rifle on her knees. The tactical map unfolded in her field of view. She quickly began to give directions to the units.
Two squires moved along the flank. These two needed covering fire ASAP before they got shot dead. Damn that noble wing and the one who generously "reinforced" her team with these smugs.
“Sabrina,” the voice of one of the squires sounded, “Forget about us and concentrate on the middle. We’ll push the flank on our own.”

“I have a different opinion, and if…”
“Do not act up, do what I said. I'm in this war since the age of 14, and I know better than you how to fight this crap.”
“What are you offering?”
“Draw their attention to the center and we will crush the flank”.

Sabrina changed the latest orders, still feeling that she was playing a computer game. She could not get used to the fact that when she moves blue figures on the holographic map, real people go into battle a few meters away. That was difficult to comprehend.
“Bravo two-two hit the deck!” she followed up with a voice command, “Bravo two-three, mow the scum down. Give them everything you’ve got!
“Yes, ma-am!”

A discharge ricocheted above Sabrina’s head, reminding that she was in combat too. The lieutenant quickly got her bearings, picked up the rifle and made several well-placed shots. Projectiles of the Gauss rifle easily crushed through armor, laying the attacker down. Sabrina turned to the holographic map, checking what was happening on the battlefield....

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