What is the difference between VergeofWar and other wargames?


VOW tabletop game with miniatures: wargame cosmo opera in sci-fi style about the new VergeofWar Universe. Our  wargame is 100% SCI-FI, which goes back to Battletech, Dune and Starship Troopers. Events develop in the gaming universe with a unique approach to its development - feedback with influence on the back - IFS - Intelligent Feedback System.
IFS allows players to form the historical course of events in the Galaxy according to the results of missions passed. VOW is a balanced tabletop wargame whose history of the universe is formed by players. Our strength lies in the flexibility and maximum balance of the system.



What is the main difference between the rules of the game VergeofWar?


Verge of War is a game for gamers, by gamers. Having more than ten years of experience playing various wargames, we tried to create a game that saved all the fun and added moments that are not found in other gaming systems. As a basis for game mechanics, we took the usual rules of war games, and added an element to the RPG game, balanced the system as much as possible and got a dynamic, spectacular game.

Our game system has two distinctive features:

  1. Possibility to create commanders with hand-picked skill sets and build armies based on the chosen command bonuses, so that they could reflect your play style in the best possible way.
  2. Unique approach to the game universe development – player feedback and game results consistently influence the game’s background via IFS – Intelligent Feedback System. IFS allows players to shape the Galaxy’s history.



What is the difference between the miniatures in VergeofWar?


VergeofWar – wargame with miniatures for a hobby. The company uses the new author's concept of miniature design - hinged assembly. All miniatures are delivered disassembled, unpainted and each player will be able to collect, customize and color them so as to create their own unique army. The qualitative level of detailing of miniatures and unique game characters VergeofWar allow you to create a truly exciting game line.


How to start playing VergeofWar?


Verge of War is a game for two or more players that assume command of one of the factions’ armies.

Read the rules (available for free online).

Choose the faction for which you will play.

Before the battle you choose command skills from one of the available skill trees that represent different strategies, doctrines or military specialties.      

Each skill set contains 10 leveled abilities that reflect your commander’s skill and mastery. The rules allow to model combat encounters in various terrain and under different conditions, and give you all necessary tools to create an army that fully corresponds to your tactical doctrine.


What is included in the starter kit for the game?


The starter kit will include 2 fractions, 2 rulers (inch), a set of cubes (6 pcs.), markers, as well as 2 posters from our universe. All necessary rules are available free of charge in electronic form. The starting set of one mission includes a set of two armies - Forces of Humanity and Seit Aggression Force.  A total of 64 miniatures.

Forces of Humanity – 22 pcs.

1 pcs. – Commander

4 pcs. -  Astroborne Riflemen (1x Sergeant, 2x infantry, 1x Mule Drone)

1 pcs. -  Noble House: Squire

4 pcs. -  Rangers

4 pcs. -  Ranger Sharpshooters+dron RFD (2x Rangers, 2x RFD)

3 pcs. -  Noble House :Armor Bearers

3 pcs. -  Poltergeist  (спецназ 3x Poltergeist Psionic) 

1 pcs. -  “Hound” Main Battle Tank  

1 pcs. - “Scorpion” Self-propelled Howitzer

Seit Aggression Force – 42 pcs.

1 pcs. - Seit commander on Command platform, with controller drones

1 pcs. - Shork Tribal Warrior

1 pcs. - Spider-killer drone

1 pcs. - Light assault drone “Carsyly”

3 pcs. - Raptors assault unit

11 pcs. -  Huchling pack with Raptor modified drone  (10 models + 1 Drone )

21 pcs. -  Mindless bio organisms (MOB зомби, 20 models + 1 Drone)

1 pcs. - Controller Drone (доп.опция)

1 pcs. - Heavy assault drone “Arnsyly”


How many fractions are provided for in the game?


Starting rules are described for 4 fractions - Forces of Humanity, Seit Aggression Force, Forces of Pirates and Asgar strike Force. In total, 10 races participate in the conflict of star civilizations: Triklontsy, Eltofa, Kja, Rungara, Scragi and Arachnids. Each civilization has a general description, features of physiology, historical development, political structure, army and armament, special for each race.


How many models do you play with?


The game in the middle format provides about 10 to 30-40 miniatures.



How long does the average game take? How many players can play the game?


The main format of the game is designed for two players, but the rules are supported by any number of participants. The average game lasts no more than one and a half hours.



Will the VergeofWar tournaments be organized and how will they be supported?


Tournaments are one of the priority areas in VergeofWar and will be fully supported by us always.