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How to play Verge of War

Verge of War is a game for 2 or more players and is about strategy and tactic. To play the game you are going to need a gaming table, measuring tape, some 6 sided dice and terrain. We reccomend to use 4x6 ft gaming table, but it can be any table you want (kitchen table,…
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Dear Friends! Integrity First Games invites to participate in the beta-testing of our new Sci-Fi miniatures wargame, VergeOfWar. Summary VergeOfWar is a Sci-fi universe, where stellar civilizations clash in a conflict of epic scale. Godlike Asgar lords, Seit, the powerful psionics, ambitious Scrags, greedy Eltofa, cunning Kja, ruthless Pirates and many other factions fight for…
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Play Verge of War!

“Play Verge of War!  This is a wargame that’s fun to both play and watch. And, of course, it is much fun to create!” Vegre of War recreates action-packed clashes of high-tech armies on the battlefields of the far future. Their scale ranges from covert ops and skirmishes of patrol units to full-fledged planetary assaults,…
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