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Intelligent Feedback System (IFS). How USPs work?

We continue to talk about the Intelligent Feedback System (IFS). The system provides Universe Shaping Point (USP) to each player registered in our system, and thus the factions they represent. How USPs work? A gaming season lasts 1 year and contains 3 “Splits” and a Cease-fire, according to a time of year. A season begins…
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History of the Universe Verge Of War (2061 – 2228 IO)

2061 IO – Events described in the “Wings of Icarus” short story. First human hyperspace jump. Within 2 years, humanity launches a stellar expansion to broaden its life-space. 2110-2127 IO – The first colonial war where Earth tries to seize control over the separate colonies that considered themselves completely independent. A great state reform, what…
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History of the Universe Verge Of War (1380-2008 IO)

1380 IO – Galactic Council is no more. A united Triclon state also ceases to exist and splits into isolated fragments of several kingdoms that have even less forces to resist the Seit aggression. 1420 IO – The second Skrag Trade War begins and expansion campaigns grind to a halt. All powers instead start searching…
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